Where did Farscape go (aka where and when is the show available)? (Last updated - 8/6/01)

These are just a few of the markets that are currently showing Farscape - it's getting kind of hard to keep up!  *grin*

United States:

We are currently viewing Season Three (after a few Season Two repeats *grin*).

It regularly airs on the SciFi channel on Friday nights. The following  information is from the schedulebot at the SciFi channel ( http://www.scifi.com/schedulebot/ ), which I'm assuming can change without notice. The times are Eastern Standard TIme, and please note - starting in June 2000, the show is on at 9pm, with the Friday episode repeatng at Midnight , and no Saturday repeat :(


Fri, August 10th  9pm - Revenging Angel (new)
Fri, August 17th  9pm - The Choice (new)
Fri, August 24th  9pm - Fractures (new)
Mon, August 27th  8pm - Premiere (repeat)
Tue, August 28th  8pm - Exodus From Genesis (repeat)
Wed, August 29th  8pm - Back and Back and Back To The Future (repeat)
Thu, August 30th  8pm - Throne For A Loss (repeat)
Fri, August 31st  Chain Reaction - all repeats
                             8pm -  A Human Reaction
                             9pm -  Won't Get Fooled Again
                            10pm - Green Eyed Monster
                            11pm - Durka Returns
                            12am - Through The Looking Glass


Tue Sept 4th  8pm -  PK Tech Girl  (repeat)
Wed, Sept 5th  8pm - Thank God It's Friday Again (repeat)
Thu, Sept 6th  8pm - I, ET (repeat)
Fri, Sept 7th  9pm - Season Of Death (repeat)
Mon, Sept 10th  8pm - That Old Black Magic (repeat)
Tue, Sept 11th  8pm - DNA MAd Scientist (repeat)
Wed, Sept 12th  8pm - They've Got A Secret (repeat)
Thu, Sept 13th  8pm - Till The Blood Runs Clear (repeat)
Fri, Sept 14th  9pm - Suns & Lover (repeat)
Mon, Sept 17th  8pm - The Flax (repeat)
Tue, Sept 18th  8pm - Rhapsody In Blue (repeat)
Wed, Sept 19th  8pm - Jeremiah Crichton (repeat)
Thu, Sept 20th  8pm - Durka Returns (repeat)
Fri, Sept 21st  9pm - Different Destinations (repeat)
Mon, Sept 24th  8pm - A Human Reaction (repeat)
Tue, Sept 25th  8pm - Through The Looking Glass (repeat)
Wed, Sept 26th  8pm - A Bug's Live (repeat)
Thu, Sept 27th  8pm - Nerve (repeat)


You may ask, "Why is there such a long break"?  or "Why was the season so short?".  Here's one of the best answers to that from the inestimable Mr. Boyajian -


Coupla reasons.

(1) During the first season, Sci-Fi intermixed new episodes and reruns across the first six months. This year, however, as part of a promotion to attract new viewers during the Summer Rerun Hell on the regular networks, they ran their "Summer of Sci-Fi", with all new episodes for 12 straight weeks (well, they skipped the July 4th weekend...)

Which meant they all but ran out of episodes to show. Now, they *could* have run the 4-part season finale back in the fall, but that brings us to...

(2) Fall Network Season Premieres. Sci-Fi doesn't want to try to compete with the usual fall feeding frenzy as folks check out the new shows. Which pushes us from September and early October to late October. Baseball. Playoffs. World Series. Oops. November. Network Sweeps Month. Oops redux. Then we hit the Thanksgiving-to-New Year Holiday Corridor, a time when TV viewership takes a bit of a dip (you'll notice that the networks tend to schedule reruns at this time, too).

Bottom line: for the best numbers, Sci-Fi figures that January is the optimal time for showing the season finale.
But then, the next season premiere comes along not long after. Which seems kind of screwy, but the short span
between seasons has its advantages, too. Think of it this way:

Remember last January? "Family Ties". Moya has starburst away. Aeryn isn't able to get past the Prowler squadron to pick up John and D'Argo, who are floating all by their lonesomes in space above a burning moon. John's air supply won't last a whole lot longer, and D'Argo's already breathing vaccuum. "To Be Continued..." A collective AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! reverbs through FARSCAPE fandom as everyone chews fingers waiting to see what happens next. And thanks to Sci-Fi's screwy schedule, they only had to wait seven weeks.

Contrast this with June 1990. ST:TNG. "Best of Both Worlds". The Borg have shanghaied Picard and assimilated him. Now, as Locutus, he's demanding a surrender from the Enterprise. Riker decides to fight back. "Fire" followed by by "To Be Continued". A collective AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! reverbs through STAR TREK fandom as everyone chews fingers waiting to see what happens next. And they had to wait
*fourteen* weeks.

Which would you rather do, wait seven weeks or fourteen for the resolution to the cliffhanger? :-)


United Kingdom:

In the U.K., it airs on BBC2. According to the site - http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/index.shtml

Farscape is currently not being shown, but the word on the street is that Auntie Beeb will pick up Season 3 in the Autumn of 2001.

Their official Farscape website is - http://www.bbc.co.uk/farscape/


In Canada, it used to air on YTV, Wednesday nights at 8pm ("Premiere" aired September 15th, 1999). But they did not pick up the show for the second season - I don't know if there's still a chance that they will or not.  All is not lost, however - Space Cast has stepped up to the plate.  According to the site -


Farscape will be added to their line-up come Fall 2001 -- Saturdays at 2pm (ET) and Sundays at 1pm (ET).

New Zealand:

In New Zealand, it used to air on TV3, Fridays at 7:30pm ("Premiere" aired October 8th, 1999).  According to the TV3 FAQ  (at  http://www.tv3.co.nz/corporate/faq.cfm) -



A: TV3 does own the second series of this programme and will look at scheduling this in 2001. Unfortunately there is not an acceptable time-slot for this to be programmed at this stage. We can advise you via email once a date has been confirmed.

If you want your email added to this 'advise' list, please email feedback@tv3.co.nz with your name and email requesting to be added to the FARSCAPE list.


European Satellite TV:

In Europe & the UK, it airs on Satellite TV (Canal+Den, etc).  According to the site -


it airs most weeknights.  Check the above link for details.


It's finally airing in the coutry where it's filmed (it premiered Saturday May 20th, 2000, then Aussie Scapers endured a long dry spell)!  It's on Channel Nine, Saturdays at 17:00, and on Foxkids (yes, the kids channel - go figure!) Saturdays at 18:30.

Check out -



for more details.

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