Energy beams - (S2 ep 9) - The weapon fired by the bird-like aliens (Halosians).

Frag Cannon - (ep 1) - A Peacekeeper ship weapon, it has a range of 45 metras.

Gauntlet - (ep 4) - A Tavlek weapon, worn on the forearm, that injects the wearer with some type of stimulant drug.

Kkore cannon - (ep 7) - What D'argo wishes for when the Sheyangs approach.

Lashlan spade bar - (ep 1) - Rygel makes reference to being "disemboweled with a dull" one.

Plasma conductor - (ep 7) - Sheyang ship weapon.

Poison gas - (S2 ep 5) - Rygel wondered if Pilot would pump poison gas into the room, which I would assume means they have some on board.

Pulse Rifle - (ep 1) - PK weapon, it can overload & explode if not used correctly.

Sonic Ascendancy Cannon - (ep 21) - The weapon the baby Leviathan has - to activate it, Aeryn went throught the following check list -

  Deionization charge - complete

  Direct composite capability - enabled

  Vaporization charge - imminent

Qualta Blade - (ep 1) - Luxan weapon, it can be used as a sword, or turned into a energy rifle.

Wetox missile - (ep 7) - Another weapon D'argo wishes for when the Sheyangs arrive.

Zakkian laser pulse - (S2 ep 5) - Mentioned in the scene when John is preparing to attack Tr'altixx.