What's this I hear about a viewer wall? (Last updated - 6/5/01)

Here is the relevent piece of the transcript of the chat with Ben Browder and Dave Kemper where the viewer wall is first mentioned -

(entire transcript is at   http://www.uk.scifi.com/chat_farscape.htm   )

Sunday 12th November 2000


David Kemper: I have a request...
Moderator: ga
David Kemper: We want to know who you are. This year,
David Kemper: we will be adding to our "Viewer's Wall."
David Kemper: Here's how you can participate...
David Kemper: Send us a picture of you and yours...
David Kemper: Address it either to the production in Sydney, or the Jim Henson
David Kemper: Company in Los Angeles.
David Kemper: But THIS on the outside
David Kemper: of the envelope:
David Kemper: Please forward to David Kemper in the Production Office.
David Kemper: We will then put your picture up on the wall.
David Kemper: Now...
David Kemper: If there's an episode
David Kemper: in the future where Crichton ends up on earth,
David Kemper: he may end up in front of this wall, and perhaps...
David Kemper: PERHAPS...
David Kemper: some of these photos will end up in a Farscape episode.
David Kemper: Make sure to put a return
David Kemper: address or contact number,
David Kemper: as we'll need to get you to sign a release before your picture
David Kemper: can be included.
David Kemper: No guarantees, but you never know. Besides--
David Kemper: You know what WE look like. Let us see what YOU look like.



Now for some addresses -

Farscape/Photo Wall
c/o Creation Entertainment
100 W. Broadway #1200
Glendale, CA 91210

Jim Henson Productions
1416 N. La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90028
ATT: Please forward to David Kemper in the Farscape Production Office

The Maura Fay Group
Building #22
Fox Studios Sydney
Drivers Avenue
ATT: Please forward to David Kemper in the Farscape Production Office

Remember that you want to be added to the Viewers wall, also include contact information (email address, mailing address, or phone number) so they can contact you for permission.

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