Arn - (ep 7) - A little more than an hour.

Coordinates - (ep 4) - When giving the coordinates of the escaping ship, Pilot said, "Delta six, Pemno nine, Lerg eight".

Cycle - (ep 1) - A little more than a year (according to John in TTBRC (ep 11) 4.8 cycles = 5 years).

Dekka three - (ep 8) - The distance Crais wanted the search for Crichton widened by.

Dench - (ep 21) - When searching for the pod, Scorpius orders a search of every square "dench" of the asteriod.

Hentas - (ep 6) - Seems like inches - Rygel says a bomb went off mere hentas from him.

Hetch - (ep 1) - Speed a vessel can go.  In S2 ep 6, Pilot mentions they are moving away from the picture fragments at "hetch-six velocity".

Light cycle - (ep 2) - Distance, Pilot refers to if a PK vessel is within a 1/4 light cycle.

Metra - (ep 1) - Distance, a little more than a kilometer(?).

Microt - (ep 7) - A little more than a second (Pilot was counting down "microts" until the Sheyang weapon hit)

Milon - (ep 2) - Denean term for distance (probably about a mile).

Nanomoment - (ep 13) - Rygel, while bored, refers to his subjects worrying about his every nanomoment (he's not used to having to entertain himself).

Sakmar - (ep 19) - A measure of a weight measurement - D'argo said the baby at this point was well over a sakmar, and would not be affected by Aeryn's medical treatment.  Rockne said in his chat on 1/13/00 that the term is "from the Premiere script (again, dropped from the final edit due to time contraints)".

Samat - (ep 14) - Unit of measure used by the Acquarians, D'argo is said to be a full samat taller than one Acquarian male.

Solar day - (ep 4) - Term used by the Tavleks (said they would contact them in one solar day). In ep 7, the PK Tech also refers to solar days.

Units - (ep 14) - When the transport pod lost power, D'argo said they dropped the last 20 units to the planet.

Weekens (ep 9) - Assumption being it's about a week (D'argo mentions going without food for nearly 2 weekens).