Access points - (ep 18) - Pilot closed these, trying to prevent Larroq's escape (fancy name for doors? *grin*).

Access shafts - (ep 18) - Rygel escaped through these.  And in S2 ep 6, John & D'argo tossed the broken protrait in one so Pilot could expel it into space.

Ambient illumination - (S2 ep 8) - Pilot lowered the ambient illumination as a procaution after the strong lights caused Zhaan's buds to bloom.

Amnexus Fluids - (S2 ep 3) - The answer to how the crew does laundry - they wash their clothes in Moya's amnexus fluids, availabe in a shallow pool-like basin in one of Moya's chambers.  Amnexus solidification normally occurs only in old age, and the resulting solidified fluid is resistent to solvents, DRD's - just about anything.

Amnexus Systems - (ep 14) - One of the systems aboard Moya.

Amniox - (ep 14) - A tool John used while he & D'argo tried to repair Moya's Amnexus systems.

Annex cable - (ep 20) - A type of wire that's part of the Aurora chair ("just have to re-route the annex cable").

Apothecary - (ep 18) - Zhaan work space in the transport hanger, where she makes herbal infusions, etc..

Atmosphere ducts - (ep 15) - Part of Moya.

Atmospheric scrubbers - (S2 ep 8) - When Moya has a problem with the micropollens, Aeryn tells Pilot to put the "atmospheric scrubbers to maximum capacity".

Aurora Chair - (ep 19) - A PK device used to retrieve memories and information from people's minds (not very pleasantly, either).

Autodock - (S2 ep 9) - When Zhaan arrived on the alien ship, she told Pilot she "autodocked" the pod.

Biolum nesense - (S2 ep 5) - Part of Moya's system??  I need to double check the context.

Bridge - (ep 8) - The command area on Crais's ship.

Burn glitch - (S2 ep 5) - Aeryn says there is a burn glitch in the transmission of the wanted beacon.

Calorics - (ep 13) - When John says the calorics have no power, Aeryn is surprised because she says she fed the batteries before they left.  In S2, ep1 Pilot says that Moya is charging her calorics, preparing for starburst.

Cartograph - (ep 9) - What D'argo calls star charts.

Center chamber - (ep 17) - According to Pilot, Rygel was supposed to be there (when Rygel was on the yellow Moya).  It is referred to again in S2 ep 5 when John tells Rygel to get back to the Center chamber in case Chiana is eating all the food.  And yet again, in S2 ep 6, it's where the portrait reappears after being blown out an access shaft.

Central device - (S2 ep 5) - What Tr'altixx is supposed to be creating for Moya.  It programs itself on the inverse of the power drive - when testing it, he told John to shut it off in 10 microts, or else it will overhead and explode.

Cesuim Fuel - (ep 18) - The Marauder was leaking this, which is why it needed to take refuge on Moya.

Chakan Oil - (ep 6) - Derived from "tannot roots", it is used to fuel PK weapons & ships.

Chakan Oil Catridge - (ep 21) - Clip used in Br'nee's weapon.

Chain of command (PK) - (ep 8) - So far, the PK's have mentioned an Admiral, a Council (who is awaiting Crais's explanation as to why he failed), High Command (who issued the order for Crais to return), First Command (where Crais was supposed to return to), and Captain's bars (Crais has them).  In S2, ep 7 Velorek mentions that he is "high enough in military tech hierarchy" to get them (he & Aeryn) assigned together forever.  Aeryn counters with the statement that High Command makes all the assignment decisions.

Communications Array - (ep 21) - Aeryn needed to shut this down on the baby, so he wouldn't attract the PK's attention.

Command, The - (ep 3) - On Moya, the bridge, the center of operation, etc.

Comms - (S2 ep 1) - I know this wasn't the first mention of what they call their personal communication buttons, but it's the first I've taken note of.  I believe it was also mentioned in TWWW, but I'll have to double check.  Anyway, they are referred to a few times in this ep.  Pilot also says in S2 ep 9 that the "comms channel's not working on the damaged ship".

Contraception Wall - (ep 20) - What D'argo broke that caused Moya's pregnancy.

Containment Cell - (S2 ep2) - The cells aboard Moya where they put Crais.

Control Collar - (ep 1) - A device installed on Leviathans when captured by Peacekeepers to obtain control over the creature.

Control shield - (ep 10) - What the PK's installed on Moya to prevent her from becoming pregnant.

Core channel - (S2 ep 5) - When Tr'altixx asks for more light, Pilot tells him he is "already boosting 3 additional core channels".  After some discussion, Pilot agrees to boost 2 more.

Cryo-stasis - (ep 6) - When Rygel was frozen, they brought his core temperature to 105 degrees below Glarion frost point.

Datacam - (S2 ep 7) - The device that recorded Aeryn & the PK's - UT version of a camcorder?  *grin*

Data Stores - (ep 20) - Where Moya's information is kept.

Defense Screen - (ep 1) - Similar to a force field, it is the only defensive weapon a Leviathan has (besides Starburst). They pick one up off the Zelbinion in episode 7, and in S2 ep 6, D'argo and John are trying to repair it (although John says it is pretty much fried).  In S2 ep 9, (while using the terms "Screen" and "Shield" interchangeably) it was registering at half power at the beginning of the ep, and they apparently managed to get it up to 62% before being blasted by the Halosians.  The blast damaged the circuitry in the neural cluster.  Pilot/Chiana told the crew they needed to repair the transfer conduits, then get it properly alligned so it would function at 100% before the next blast from the energy beams.  Aeryn/Rygel and John/Aeryn went to look for the defense screen power cell  - John/Aeryn said he'd follow the circuitry on the schematics to find the burnt out conduits.

Den, the - (ep 17) - Pilot's domain.

Docking Web - (ep 5) - A device used to bring other ships aboard Moya.

Double Cabling - (ep 20) - Part of the Aurora chair - Gilina says to Bixx, "If you put the double cabling on line, I'll finish patching in".

Docking Bay - (ep 8) - On Crais's ship, where the Prowlers are kept.

DRD - (ep 1) - Short for Diagnostic Repair "Darter" (was "Droid" on 6/7/99, but "Crichton's Notes" changed a few weeks later) - mechanical devices that assist in the upkeep of Leviathans.

Duty Cycle - (ep 19) - Term used by the PK's to describe when they're on duty.

Duty Station - (S2 ep 7) - Term used by Aeryn when talking to Velorek - "I have to get to my duty station".

Electinet - (S2 ep 1) - Device used to capture Chiana, used by Ja Rhuman's henchwoman.

E.S.A.S. - (ep 21) - PK said, "E.S.A.S. confirmed the location of the escaped pod".

External Vent - (ep 20) - What Moya's baby was stuck in & couldn't clear.

External vocal - (S2 ep 9) - Crichton told Pilot to put Zhaan's voice on external vocal when she was on the Halosian's ship so he could talk to her.

Flax - (ep 13) - A magna drift mesh, 75 million zachrons long - it absorbs light, and was set up by Zenetan Pirates to snare unsuspecting ships.

Full reverse thrusters - (ep 11) - What John's pod (Farscape One) uses to go backwards.

Frankel - (ep 11) - One of the things Furlow speculates may be wrong with the pod ("An ionized frankel").

Frequency reverberations - (S2 ep 1) - From the RE:Union version, in the beginning Pilot says he is looking for frequency reverberations that will hopefully lead them back to their friends (John, Aeryn, & D'argo).

Galley - (ep 17) - Where the food is located.

Gammak base - (ep 18) - The PK base in the Uncharted Territories (the only one we know of, so far).

Guidance Station - (ep 5) - Station in The Command, used for setting courses.

Grezz conductor - (ep 11) - Another thing Furlow speculates may be wrong with the pod ("A blown grezz conductor).

Hammond - (ep 18) - When Aeryn is injured, D'argo tells Zhaan they are on "Tier 7 - the hammond by the sub-passageway".

Hand of Friendship - (S2 ep2) - It is the greatest honor Talyn and/or a Leviathan can bestow - it is a direct interface with the ship, which attaches at the base of the skull. It gives the person the ability to command every system directly through a neural transponder.

Heat deflecting paste - (S2 ep 5) - John covered his face in this paste for protection.  As a bonus, Zhaan predigested it to increase it's potency.

Hetch drive - (ep 11) - Something the pod is lacking, making it seem primitive to Furlow.

Hydric System - (S2 ep 3) - The system on Moya that started to fail on several tiers when Nilaam used the ritual of renewal.

Information DIsk - (ep 20) - In the false memory, John gives Crais an information disk with wormhole technology in exchange for his life.

Integrity check - (S2 ep 9) - Performed on the defense shield/screen to see if it would operate at 100%.

Ident chip - (ep 20) - A type of PK security badge, used to gain access to secured places (Aeryn stole Crais's to escape the Gammak base).

Ident signal - (ep 18) - Pilot said the ident signal coming from the approaching Marauder showed it wasn't one of Crais' vessels.

Internal circuitry - (S2 ep 9) - This is what was being attacked by "the creeping vomit" (the acid-like substance that Tak threw-up while touring Moya).

Internal gravity bladders - (S2 ep 7) - When Pilot disconnected from Moya, D'argo said life support was malfunctioning and "the internal gravity bladders were all deforming."

Internal shaft - (ep 20) - Where Chiana had to climb down and cut a seam, so that the baby could be freed.

Intra-scan - (ep 22) - What the Command Carrier used to detemine there was a Luxan and Human aboard the pod.

Ion backwash chamber - (ep 17) - What John has to go through to get to Quarters, when the passageways are compromised.

Iriscentent Fluid - (ep 1) - Fuel of sorts, required to run Moya's drive (Leviathan gas?).

Kamps / Trans - (S2 ep 4) - When measuring the radiation level, Zhaan says the level is "76 trans", but the CC reads "76 kamps".

Karjik Pulse - (ep 21) - A search signal used by the Command Carrier when searching for Moya in the asteroid field - it's attuned to energy sources, so Pilot kept Moya's interior cool to avoid detection.

KL-80 (and 81) - (ep 18) - Two types of PK ships Aeryn flew before going to flight school.

Laser Link - (ep 21) - Pilot used a direct laser link between Moya and the baby to communicate while Aeryn was on board - the only way the PK's could intercept the signal would be to be in a direct line between them.

Level One Security Breach - (ep 20) - Breach when John & Stark escaped.

Level Risers - (ep 20) - PK stairways - Aeryn went down one to enter the Gammak base.

Life disc - (S2 ep 4) - A device that some species choose to have surgically implanted - it creates a "permenant life link" with those close to them, and when the implant stops working it means the other person has died.  It is not clear if it has any other function other than notifying someone when the person is deceased.

Locking Scramble, Security Three Velka - (S2 ep2) - Security measure Crais used to contact Scorpius.

Low level blast - (ep 20) - Chiana told Pilot to allow the baby to shoot a low level blast, which cut the internal shaft enough to free him.

Lerg - (ep 19) - Way to identify a location - for example, on the Gammak base, the quarters were located on Level Four, Number Six, Lerg-five.

Luxan Deep-Space Voyager - (ep 13) - The type of ship Staanz brought D'argo to , since it may have map fibers. When D'argo saw it he said it was an "Assault Piercer".

Magnetic Crypt Encoder - (ep 20) - Device Stark was hiding - he built it to unlock the cell door, but since it could only do one sequence at a time, it was taking forever.

Main Pressure Control - (ep 21) - What Crichton broke in the transport pod during the fight with Br'nee.

***Maintainence Bay - (ep 4) - Area in Moya - has a Lab Section.  In S2 ep 12, it is mentioned that there is more than one maintainence bay - the sphere is tracked through the passageway underneath maintainence bay #2.

Map fibers - (ep 13) - What D'argo was hoping to find aboard the abandoned Luxan ship.

Marauder - (ep 3) - PK ship with a 5 man crew - Aeryn refers to them as "Crais's eyes & ears".....who's success "is measured by body count".

Medical Rejuvenation - (ep 7) - A sick bay by any other name........*grin*

Medical Unit - (ep 19) - On the Gammak base, where Chiana went to obtain the tissue graft.

Moya's systems - (ep 10) - Include Propulsion, Environmentals, and Atmospherics (also in ep 17 - Guidence, and Comms).

Nav-linkage - (S2 ep 1) - From the DALD version, when John is trying to repair the transport pod, he discovers the problem is that Rygel hid his leftover Keedva barbeque in the nav-linkage.

Nebari standard host vessel - (ep 15) - The type of ship that engaged (and destroyed) the Zelbinion.

Neural block - (ep 19) - What Scorpius said John had put up in his mind to keep them from his memories - turns out the aliens from episode 16 (A Human Reaction) placed it there.

Neural conduits - (S2 ep 8) - When Zhaan began to emit spores, Pilot said that Moya was being adversely affected - the spores were penetrating her neural conduits and dulling her senses.

Neural transponder - (S2 ep2) - What is implanted at the base of the skull by the "Hand of Friendship".

Occulars - (ep 4) - The PK version of binoculars, only better.

Paddoc Beacon - (ep 2) - A PK device, bonded to the neural nexus of a Leviathan. If it doens't receive regular signals from the control collar, it activates a homing signal to alert PK's in the area.

PK Command Carrier - (ep 8) - Type of ship Crais commands.

Plasma injectors - (ep 11) - Another thing Furlow speculates may be wrong with the pod ("Could be the plasma injectors).

Power doubler - (S2 ep 6) - After Chiana's accident, Aeryn asked Pilot if the fire could have been caused by a "defective power doubler in the freezer".

Prowlers - (ep 1) - PK attack fighters that hold one pilot.

Propulsion fin - (ep 16) - Part of the hetch drive on the Farscape pod.

Propulsor control - (ep 15) - What the Nebari ship lost after Moya hit it.

***Propulsar control unit - (S2 ep 12) - Aeryn said that her prowler needed one of the "Moya propulsion control units" from John's module.

Prism laser saw - (ep 3) - Tool used to try to cut through to the Draks nest - D'argo said "Nothing can resist" it (except, apparently, Drak blue goo *grin*).

Pulse - (S2 ep 9) - Yoz says to Tak "Lord, core is below pulse - can only fire once", when he tells her to destroy Moya.

Radiation filters - (ep 17) - Pilot was unable to close these after Moya's accident.

Re-pressurization - (S2 ep 8) - After venting the spores, Pilot said re-pressurization would take over an arn.

Reverse (full) - (ep 17) - The sequence on Moya for full reverse is

  - rotate blue crystal

  - trim yellow disk

  - extinguish orange light

  - open copper rods

  - black panel depressed halfway

  - dial tri-connector open

  - hot progression purple, green, orange, gold

  - lights, green knob

  - maximum thrust

To go forward, reverse the final four controls

Salvo - (ep 22) - Signal - Pilot said the asteroids blocked a clear salvo to Rygels pod, when trying to call him

Scanner - (ep 10) - Type of hand held x-ray medical device.

Scanning Data Files - (ep 20) - What Gilina scrambled so that not even Crais'Command Carrier would be able to find Moya.

Scanning Blind - (ep 20) - What Gilina created for Chiana's escape - it was also used by Aeryn, Zhaan, and D'argo to return to rescue John.

Scanners - (ep 16) - One of Pilot's instruments ("a wormhole just appeared on my scanners").

Scrub runners - (ep 18) - The first type of PK ship Aeryn flew (at 14 cycles).

Second Fuel Pump - (ep 21) - What D'argo broke on the pod during the fight with Br'nee

Security Three Containment - (ep 20) - Where John was being held captive.

Security Three Velka - (ep 19) - Area on the Gammak base, requiring genetic verification to enter.

Shield - (S2 ep 7) - Also referred to as the "contraception wall" in ep 20, we discover Velorek is the person who installed it, hoping to prevent Crais' plan of breeding a PK Leviathan warship.

Silka Vector Nine - (ep 22) - The course the pod was taking towards the Gammak base.

Sonic cowl - (S2 ep 4) - The practice chamber for "taking the stone".  Chiana mentions that until her, no one lasted more than 50 microts in the "practice room" - she was about to break that record when Crichton stepped in (she also said it makes your whole body vibrate).

Solar reflective flare wrap - (S2 ep 5) - John was covered in this to protect him from the intense light.

***Sphere - (S2 ep 12) - A round ball of energy (not a physical object to begin with) that managed to chase, catch-up with, and invade Moya.  Apparently a species research vehicle/vessel.

Spectrum analysis - (S2 ep 5) - John asked Pilot to do an spectrum analysis to see what was in the light that was causing the odd behavior.

Sonic Net - (S2 ep 4) - A safety device used by Clansmen as well as PK's (albeit in different ways).  It is a net, sustained by a voice/voices holding a note.  PK's use it in aerial combat training - Clansmen use it as a bungee jumping sort of sport (with the added bonus of  being a convenient felo-de-se method).

StarBurst - (ep 1) - A type of hyper-speed, it is one of two defensive capabilities of a Leviathan (the other being the Defense Screen). In ep 17, Pilot says it is the seam between space-time dimensions - Moya's power cells allow acess and they ride the energy stream until pushed out at random. Their problem in that episode is that their insertion vector was wrong, and they were low on power.

Stasis gun - (ep 18) - What the PK's used to capture Rygel when they thought he was infected with the virus.

Strategy table - (ep 17) - A table in the Command (above which John found one of the doors between Moya's).

Synaptic bypass - (ep 15) - Part of Moya.

Synaptic processor crystal - (ep 4) - Part of the control circuitry - it is a reddish gemstone which Rygel took to try to impress the Tavleks (and ended up incapacitating Moya's propulsion system).

Telemissions - (S2 ep 1) - Litigaran cop said that numerous telemissions came in, reporting a suspicious off-worlder roaming about.

Tests - (ep 9) - These are all tests Kornata requested when searching for Aeryn's cure.

  - Titus scan

  - Expanded graph matches

  - Cyyto-batch data (recounts)

  - Spectral analysis

Thronesled - (ep 18) - Rygel's preferred means of getting about.

Tiers - (ep 10) - How Moya's levels are defined (such as tier 21, aft section).

Tier 7 - (ep 22) - Where some of the cells are located - Pilot re-activated the doors on this level for Crais, and in S2 ep 8, Aeryn was on this tier looking for Zhaan.

Tracer ship - (ep 13) - The type of ship Staanz had.

Trads - (ep 13) - A power level - John & Aeryn brought the ship to 500 trads, and still could not break free of the flax.

Tranix - (ep 20) - Part of Moya related to birth (Pilot says the data stores say then can try "blasting the tranix with coolent from Moya's themal chamber" to assist the birth).

Translator Microbes - (ep 1) - Injected into all space faring species, which colonize at the base of the brain, and act as interpeters.

Transport - (ep 4) - What D'argo used to get down to the planet (also referred to as "the transporter" and "transport pod" in ep 12).

Transport hanger - (ep 14) - Where the transport, Prowler, and Farscape One are kept on Moya.

View Screen - (ep 10) - Used to call up data from Moya (Zhaan wondered why they couldn't just access her schematics with the view screen - John didn't want Moya aware of what they were doing).

Waste lift - (S2 ep 9) - Aeryn/Rygel said she/he had to go up two tiers in the wast lift to reach where the others were working on the defense screen.