How did the show get its start? (Last updated - sometime in 1999)

A good article on it's beginnings is available at

It gives an general overview of the show from when Brian Henson first had the idea in 1991, to the filming of the first episodes.

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Where is Farscape filmed? (Last updated - 1/19/01)

For the first season, it was filmed at 20th Century Fox Studios ( ) in Sydney (New South Wales) Australia. But due to an unforeseen "Menace", they were forced to relocate. The new digs, which are essentially converted warehouses, apparently don't have any official designation (at least, none that I can print in a family forum *grin*).  They are simply referred to as "Homebush".  Here's what Ben had to say about the new studio in an email interview with QuietI (Joan Hedman) -

"Interview with Ben Browder 14 June 2000

WROCS: How would you compare working on the Season 2 facilities with
those you had for Season 1? Is there any significant difference for the
cast and crew? From a fan perspective, the final product is of equally
high quality!

BB: The Good...

Homebush Bay - site of the Y2K Olympic games - better known as the home
of Farscape. We have space... lots and lots of space, which we did not
have at FOX. This means the art department gets to go crazy, and they
do. The sets built for some episodes this year are massive, I mean
big... really BIG. We continued to expand into more warehouse spaces as
the year progressed. Like a plague, the Farscape production spread
across the Homebush Universe. We are also able to keep our sets longer,
giving us flexibility. We have worked on up to five episodes
concurrently, allowing us to make our tight shooting schedule.

The Bad...

Fox was 10 minutes from the house. Homebush is an hour. You do the math.
Fox had proper studios vs. Homebush's converted warehouses.

The Ugly...

Fox studios is booked out through next year, I hear. And whereas it was
nice to be in Australia's Primo film facility... the way Farscape has
grown in scale... I doubt a move back there is in the cards."

To see the rest of the interview, check out her homepage for the link -

I highly recommend it - she has another great interview (Virginia Hey)
and other articles/reviews there as well.

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