I just saw "The Hidden Memory", followed by "Bone To Be Wild" - where did Stark go"? (Last updated - 12/29/00)

When these episodes first aired, there was a great hue and cry from fans, asking that very question.  Soon thereafter, at the SciFi website, an addition to the "Lifeform Encounters" was made.  Here is the last sentence of the entry dealing with Stark -

"I am glad that this strange and wondrous being escaped the Gammak Base with Crichton, and I am gratified that we could aid his further flight from the Peacekeepers by providing him with a spare Transport Pod... "

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Then, at a chat with Executive Producer/Writer Richard Manning (on June 1, 2000), the Bouncer asked the question -

"Bouncer: Preface: is it fair to say you're the "keeper of the continuity, the Farscape universe's coherence?"

FrooniumRicky: Me? Good heavens, no.

Bouncer: Why I'm asking is: I really want to know who's responsible for losing Stark.

FrooniumRicky: I put in my 2 cents, as do everyone else.

FrooniumRicky: Stark who?

FrooniumRicky: Oh, HIM.

FrooniumRicky: He's not lost.

FrooniumRicky: We simply decided not to bore you with explanations of what happened to him.

FrooniumRicky: (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.)

FrooniumRicky: Well... okay.

FrooniumRicky: WE SCREWED UP!

FrooniumRicky: We did have a line in "Bone to be Wild" covering Stark's having moved on, but somewhere along the line it got lost.

FrooniumRicky: I take full responsibility.

FrooniumRicky: ga

Bouncer: Thank you."

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Small aside - FrooniumRicky's last comment of "ga" is chat shorthand for "go ahead" - meaning, I'm done answering, so you can ask the next question.

So, there you have it. *grin*

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