What is a spoiler, and why are people yelling at me?
(Last updated - 2/2/01)

A spoiler basically gives away the major plot points of a show, akin to saying, "and they all died in the end".  Some people enjoy reading about episodes they haven't seen yet - others prefer to see them "unspoiled" and unaware of what's about to happen.  Here's how we handle them in the newsgroup -

Spoiler Guidelines

1. Spoiler posts should include the word "Spoiler" in the header of the message, along with either the episode title, or general idea of what you're about to spoil (ex. "SPOILER - Season Three question", not "OH MY GAWD - is Rygel coming back!?").  The message itself should again mention what's about to be spoiled, followed by roughly 35 to 45 blank lines (some people use a "*" or a "/" at the beginning of each line).

2. Spoiler warnings should be included at least for the first few days after a new episode airs on the SciFi Channel (US) - after that, use your own judgement.  Keep in mind there will always be people in the newsgroup who haven't seen the most recent broadcast - though we tend to think of this as an American group, there are people all over the world in here.  Please try to be considerate of each other.

3. Spoiler warnings should also be included for key tidbits of information (ex. "Ben Browder to appear in new movie during filming of Season 7 - does this mean he doesn't escape from Planet Dominatrix?").

4. Always remember that on 'net, there will always be someone who will post spoilers, regardless of how politely they are asked not to.  Read at your own risk.