Acquarians - (ep 14) - Human-like race stranded on a planet with a power drain - found to be lost subjects of the Hynerian empire.

Banik Slave Race - (ep 20) - Stark's people - most of whom were killed by the PK's. He tells John that they can cloud thoughts from their minds, can share thoughts, and that it is believed that they do not feel, but it is just that their feelings don't always show.

Budong - (S2 ep 8) - One of the largest creatures in the Farscape universe - Moya could fit into its mouth.  The flesh of the budong is poisonous because contains pustules that are filled with acid mucus.  However, it also contains valuable nogelti crystals, which is why mining camps set up inside dead budongs.  We know they have ribs and at least two livers (Altana found a vein of nogelti "near the second liver, just past the ribs").

Calanese - (ep 17) - Rygel mentions a calanese cleric in a joke he's telling John.

Calcivore - (ep 21) - Feeder of bone - what M'Lee was referred to as - not sure if it's just a classification, or her species

Clansmen - (S2 ep 4) - The clansmen are apparently the surviving members of cemetery workers on a royal cemetery planet.  Exposure to radiation ensures that beyond the age of 22 cycles, they will face a slow death (become one of the "lost people") unless they "take the stone" (jump to their death).  If the clan wants you to join them, they first make you run naked through rings of fire, then they put you in the sonic cowl - not sure if there's more to it, because John interrupted Chiana's description of their initiation.  Also, when someone "takes the stone", they take the bodies, "soak the skin and harden the bones" before they bury them "in the Gathering Dome".

Delvians - (ep 1) - Zhaan's people.

Deneans - (ep 2) - Inhabitants of the planet Moya landed on - had no previous contact with other species.

Draks - (ep 3) - Insect-like creatures that live in space, but need warmth to breed (Draks call this "genesis"). Zhaan was used by The Monarch (mother) to communicate when the Drak aggregate (offspring) were being killed by the crew.

Fellip - (ep 16) - A creature from Tarsis, used in making a beer-like beverage.

Halosians - (S2 ep 9) - Big, birdlike creatures that attacked Talyn (big mistake), resulting in the deaths of 30 crew members (their ship was called "Halos-One").  They apparently live by a code.  In the words of Yoz, "Our code - Tak desires to evolve - must register hostile kills - as many as possible - worry about nothing but ourselves".

Harvesters - (ep 21) - I think this was just a job description of Br'Nee's people, but I'm not sure. Anyway, 26 Harvesters, including Br'Nee's mate were on the asteriod.

Hynerians - (ep 1) - Rygel's people (we discover in ep 6 they have a liver, and something called Altex functions).  Rygel mentions in S2 ep 9 that in the Hynerian Royal Fleet, each ship had a hundred canon.

Hynerian donkeys - (S2 ep 5) - Chiana says, "No, I'm having sex with Hynerian donkeys".

Ilanics - (ep 5) - Genetic cousins to the Luxans, and allies with them for over 1000 cycles.

Keedva - (S2 ep 8) - A man-sized, dog like creature that feeds off of the budong.  It is primitive, but has some intelligence.

Leviathans - (ep 1) - Moya's people - bio-mechanoids, captured by Peacekeepers and used for transports. In episode 20, we learn that to give birth, a leviathan must equalize interior pressure with outside pressure - in other words, create a vacuum inside. Their pregnancies last 1/2 cycle.

Litigarans- (S2 ep 1) - The population of a planet named Litigaria  - consists of 90% Lawyers (who have rights), and 10% Utilities (who have none) .  They have ruling law firms instead of political parties or monarchs, and all their laws are based on a small book called "The Axiom".  At the time Moya's (partial) crew arrived, the ruling law firm was Rhuman, Willian, and Mandel, and Ja Rhuman was the firm's senior partner.

Luxans - (ep 1) - D'argo's people.

Nebari - (ep 15) - A human-like species that practices mental cleansing.

Palmolian meat hounds - (ep 6) - Aeryn says, if it's proven Humans & Sebaceans are related, she will allow PMH's to tear the flesh from her bones.

Peacekeepers - (ep 1) - PK for short, the Sebecean military force, hired to maintain order.  In S2 ep 7, we learn that in the PK military, procreation is assigned, and there is no such thing as a life long mate (something to which Aeryn alluded to in "Family Ties" I believe).  However, relationships are encouraged as long as they are not conducted openly, and they not to last any great length of time.

Scorvian - (ep 5) - A race at war with the Illanics, their "neural stroke" works like the Vulcan Neck pinch.

Sebaceans - (ep 1) - Aeryn's people - not all Sebaceans are PK's, but all PK's are Sebacean.

Sheyangs - (ep 7) - A scavenger race, with the ability to spit fire.

Skykarians - (ep 6) - A race of very mellow, plant growing people.

Tavleks - (ep 4) - A military race (from what we've seen) - their weapon of choice is the Gauntlet (oh, and for some reason John calls them "Tavloids").

Trao - (ep 4) - Race with many tentacles and four larynxes (and apparrently the ability to reanimate others).

Trawlian - (ep 17) - Rygel mentions a trawlian priest in a joke he's telling John.

Trelkez - (ep 8) - Multi-headed, bird like creatures, their brains are used for food (and eaten raw).  In S2 ep 9, Rygel/John says to Tak, "Don't stand there like a wounded trelkez".

Tronkan shrill singer - (ep 2) - Rygel refers to a two-headed one of these, and compares it to the noise of the Paddoc beacon.

Yenen - (ep 13) - Staanz 's race - humanoid people, whose gender definitions are somewhat different than our own.