Abso-fudging-lutely Great - (ep 22) John's reaction when Chiana told him Rygel took off.

Ancient - (S2 ep 4) - What the clansmen call John & Aeryn since they have "age lines and dead spots" and are "worn out".

***Ass-backwards - (S2 ep 1) - Rygel refers to the Litigarans ruling system as "ass-backwards", since they had no monarchs or political parties.

Barkan out of Hezmana - (ep 14) - Sounds like a bat outta hell to me.

***Bastard - (S2 ep 9) - At the end of the episode, when John fakes Aeryn out by pretending to still be Rygel, she says, "You bastard" before attacking him (laughing the whole time, I might add).

Bellian yard rat - (ep 3) - Rygel said the Monarch was "spitting out replicants" like one of these.

Bitch - (S2 ep 5) - Rygel first refers to Chiana as a "bitch", then calls Aeryn one to her face (John also said it about Aeryn to Pilot).

***Bizdec - (S2 ep 9) - "How the bizdec did it do that?" asked Chiana/D'argo.

***Blez out - (S2 ep 1) - Chiana tells Pilot that Moya is going to have to "blez out" (like chill out).

Blotching - (ep 11) - Furlow, to Aeryn - "About twice as blotching long as if you weren't here!"

Capise - (ep 21) - Human slang - John said to Br'Nee, "Capise?", meaning, "Understand?"

Chutzpah - (S2 ep2) - Human slang - John said to Crais, "Do Sebaceans have a word for 'chutzpah'?" when Crais asked if John had hurt Aeryn.

Dog and bone - (S2 ep 4) - John says to Aeryn, "Let's get her (Chiana) on the dog and bone" - which is Oz/Cockney rhyming slang for phone.

Drad - (S2 ep 4) - The clansmen think the "gathering" is the second "dradest" (coolest) time - wonder what they thing the first is? *innocent grin*

Draz - (ep 15) - Chiana says to, "Starburst the draz out of here".

Dren - (ep 6) - Aeryn said to Pilot, "You know all this analysis dren".

***Dren-faced - (S2 ep 1) - Zhaan tells Rygel that his getting dren-faced at the Litigaran bar isn't helping anybody.

Eema - (ep 22) - D'argo says to Chiana, "You are a real pain in the eema" (then softens the insult by saying, "But one I have grown to enjoy")

Etch A Sketch - (S2 ep 7) - John says to Aeryn, "Pilot's Etch A Sketch isn't operating with all it's knobs".  For those of you unfamiliar with this cool child's toy, check out .  This really isn't a slang term, but it's one of those Crichtonisms that I felt should be included.

Fahrbot - (ep 11) - Rygel, about Zhaan's strange behavior - "She's gone completely fahrbot!" In a later episode (ep 19) Rygel upgrades this to "magra-fahrbot" when discussing John's plan ("You're not only fahrbot - you're magra-fahrbot!").

Fa-pu-ta - (ep 3) - Exclaimation used by Rygel when seeing the Draks replicate.

Fopooter - (ep 3) - As in, "Some fopooter is going to pay for this!" (Rygel).

Frag - (ep 15) - Human slang - John said Rygel tried to frag them, after the bomb exploded.

Frax - (ep 7) - One Sheyang said to another, "Frax your father!".

Freakin' - (S2 ep 5) - John says to Chiana, "You're freakin' insane!" when talking about the wanted beacon.

Frell - (ep 9) - As in, "Frell you" (Aeryn, to John).

Friggin' - (S2 ep 5) - John says, "firggin' nuts that I am" - obviously erp, errr.... I mean earth slang.

Froth mouth - (ep 15) - Chiana refers to Durka as, "Some froth mouth with a metal eye".

Froonium Drive - (ep 19) - A made-up term Chiana uses when she's trying to convice the PK Commander she needs to repair the Prowler (Richard Manning also said in his chat on 1/6/00 that Froonium "was something Hans Beimler and I always used as a generic term on Next Gen when discussing technobabble"...." But I don't think we ever DID get it into a Next Gen ep. So I've been making up for it ever since. "

Garda - (S2 ep 4) - Clansmenspeak for "dude" or "boy".

Gelft sty - (S2 ep 8) - When Rygel saw the mining camp, he said it was a "filthy, gelft sty" (like a pig sty?).

Gris - (ep 17) - Chiana tells Zhaan she beat the gris out of someone.

Grot - (ep 17) - Chiana says, "I'm scared grot-less, not stupid" when John asks her a question.

Guano - (ep 10) - Human slang - John says about their dire situation, "We're in deep guano".

***Hasmot - (S2 ep 9) - "Stand, you son of a hasmot!", says D'argo/Chiana to Pilot/D'argo.

Hezmana - (ep 9) - D'argo asks, "What the hezmana are you doing?"

Juka - (ep 21) - Br'Nee exclaims, "My Juka" when he learns Zhaan is Delvian - I'm assuming it's akin to "My God".

Khan - (S2 ep 4) - Chiana says to John, "You frelling Khan" (sounds like can) after he injected her with a knock-out shot.

Kinkoid - (ep 18) - "Is everbody on this ship kinkoid?", Chiana ask after Zhaan tells her to lick her bedcover (it contained litmus fibers - Zhaan wanted to test for acidity).

Lame - (S2 ep 4) - I'm only including this because I want to remember they actually resorted to this line - Chiana says to Aeryn, "Everyone's so lame on Moya".

Malik - (S2 ep 5) - "The little malik will eat anything that isn't maggot covered", says Rygel about Chiana (like he should talk!).

Mellet - (ep 9) - Rygel asks, "What am I, chopped mellet?"

Mivonks - (ep 5) - Part of alien anatomy - Aeryn said Matala was leading D'argo around by them.

Narl - (S2 ep 4) - Clansmenspeak for "rugrat" or "baby".

***Nawnuk - (S2 ep 9) - D'argo/Pilot says, "Tell the nawnuk he's clear to come over, but remind him we're in no mood for yotz", to Zhaan about Tak's impending inspection of Moya.

Nik-yotz - (S2 ep 4) - What Rygel exclaims when Zhaan suggests there might be a curse on the stolen treasure.  I would say it was the equivilant of "bull-s**t, but that isn't consistent with yotz meaning "hell".

Nixar - (S2 ep 4) - Clansmenspeak for "chick" or "girl".

Nurfer - (ep 18) - One of the PK Commando's, after thinking Chiana is John's "non-reg server", decides John may not be as big a nurfer as he thought.

***Pavement pizza - (S2 ep 9) - Earth slang - John tells Rygel to show them the "pavement pizza" aka Tak's vomit.

Pewnkah - (ep 13) - Kcrackic asked Rygel & Zhaan if they'd seen a ship, "run by a pewnkah named Staanz".

Pleeking - (S2 ep 4) - "Stop pleeking around!" is what Chiana yells at the clansmen when they're playing a bit of cat & mouse with her - I think "messing" could be the mild form of what it means.

Prabakto - (ep 16) - When Crichton is about to go through the wormhole, Rygel says, "You lucky prabakto".

***Rack off - (S2 ep 9) - Rygel/John says to Aeryn/Rygel, "My own body shouldn't be suspicious of me.  So, rack off", and made shooing motions for her/him to leave.

Salmonella - (ep 17) - Not a slang word, but John exclaimed it when tasting krawldar for the first time.

Scope - (S2 ep 4) - While my friends and I continue to "scope" cute guys when we're out *grin*, the clansmen have two uses for this word; "realize" - "In the final, Das scoped that truth - he took the stone - he'll live forever." and "decide" -  "What they (the clan) scope, I'll follow".

Shaltan - (ep 2) - Rygel says to Pilot, "I've been screaming my shaltan head off!"

Sha-zam! - (S2 ep 8) - John's reaction to Chiana's new outfit.

Shivvies - (ep 18) - Chiana tells Rygel, "Don't get your shivvies in an uproar".

Snurch - (ep 18) - Rygel & Chiana were talking about snurching what was in the box (sounds to me like slang for stealing).

Squirrel's nut - (S2 ep 5) - John says, "I could give a squirrel's nut what you watch" to Chiana.

Squirrelly - (ep 21) - John told M'Lee not to "go all squirrelly" on him, when she gets hungry for the first time.

Sumbitch - (S2 ep 6) - John used this term when talking about Maldis - either it's a CC gaff (supposed to be "son of a bitch"), or it's Southern shorthand for the same.  *grin*

Taking the stone - (S2 ep 4) - Not only the name of the episode, but also the clansmen's euphuism for dying ("Das took the stone").

Tralk/trelk - (S2 ep 4) - Aeryn said, "That little tralk" when she discovered Chiana took her prowler.  I took it to mean "that little tramp", but it could mean "that little thief".  In S2 ep 8 , the word "trelk" (according to the CC) was used twice, and was definitely meant as another word for slut   Aeryn says to John (about Chiana), "You get to play with your favorite trelk", and B'Soog says to Chiana, "Youre' a thief and a trelk".

Trat - (ep 8) - Rygel says of the medicine Zhaan sent him, "It smells like trat".

True - (S2 ep 8) - When Chiana and Altana are talking, Chiana used the expressions, "True god?" and "True?" when Altana gave her unexpected news of old acquaintences.

 Welnitz - (ep 11) - Furlow, to worker "The other way, you dumb welnitz".

Yotz - (ep 16) - Rygel asks Crichton, "What the yotz did they give me?".   In S2, ep 4, he pronounces it "yotz-a" (when he discovers the jewels on the cemetery planet), although the CC shows the spelling as "yotz".

Yozk - (ep 3) - My guess is Hynerian equivilent to "hell" - "What the yozk was that?" (also in ep 18 - "What the yozk is going on here?").

Zannet - (S2 ep 5) - Aeryn says to Rygel, "You are a coward and a zannet".

Zelma - (S2 ep 5) - "Stop it, you sound like a Zelma" -