I have a great script for a Farscape episode - where can I send it? (Last updated - 1/06/01)

This bit from a chat with Rockne pretty well sums it up -

From January 13, 2000



Moderator: <Solo600> to <Moderator>: Mr. O'Bannon, congrats on another fine series. I served aboard SQ as a Stuntman. Question, do you have a regular staff of writers or do you take submissions?

Rockne: A truly stellar (ouch!) writing staff, headed by Exec Producer David Kemper (David is definitely the glue that keeps the gears of this show together! You may quote me on that!)....

Rockne: In re submissions: we're not set up for freelance submission right at the moment. Perhaps, and hopefully, someday. (Having a spec script "discovered" by the producers of a series is how I got started).... ga



Other pertinent quotes from another chat with David Kemper and Ricky (FrooniumRicky) Manning on August 17, 2000



Moderator: <Trager> to <Moderator>: Mr. Kemper, other than being chosen by God himself, how would one go about writing for the show?

Kemper: Please don't call me God.

Kemper: Seriously...

Kemper: You would start the way Rock and Ricky and Justin and I started.

Kemper: You would see a TV show.

Kemper: You would want to be a writer.

Kemper: You would write scripts at home

Kemper: You would get good enough to get an agent.

Kemper: The agent would get you work.

Kemper: By this time, of course, the show that inspired you will

Kemper: have been off the air for a number of years.

Kemper: But then, you can create your own --

Kemper: as Rockne has done.

Kemper: Or be blessed to work on it, as we have done.

Kemper: Anyway,

Kemper: that is the measure by which you will prove to yourself and

Kemper: the world that you actually WANT ...

Kemper: HAVE TO...

Kemper: be a TV/film writer.

Kemper: ga




Moderator: <Solanio> to <Moderator>: I really enjoyed the episode "Out of Their Minds" for the simple reasons that it seemed to have a different "feel" to it. Then I discovered that a freelance writer had contributed this piece. Do you intend to bring in other writers to occasionally stir things up and change the dynamics of your universe with new ideas and directions?

Kemper: Freelancers often provide a "bed" upon which

FrooniumRicky: which?

Kemper: we then take a script "inside" and do a fair amount of work.

FrooniumRicky: oh, that was my second guess

Kemper: The freelancer in this case was my very good friend, Michael Cassutt, and

Kemper: he has written in a column on the web already that we

Kemper: remodled the script.

Kemper: If you like the deep insanity of OOTM, then all hail the great Monj!

Kemper: More fodder for your websites.

Kemper: ga

FrooniumRicky: I would just add here

FrooniumRicky: that today's freelancer can be tomorrow's staffer

FrooniumRicky: MY first script for Farscape was a freelance.

Kemper: Chiana's extrasensory powers -- such as they are -- are still percolating

FrooniumRicky: Guess they liked it.

FrooniumRicky: ga

Kemper: beneath that gorgeous, thick skin.

Kemper: ga



And another script tidbit from a Richard Manning chat on June 1, 2000



Moderator: <Qarc>: Mr. Manning, could you give us a little background on just how a script goes from proposal to production...

FrooniumRicky: I'll try to keep it relatively simple, but there is no ONE way...

FrooniumRicky: Generally, one of us has a thought, we all kick it around...

FrooniumRicky: At some point, as Woody Allen said in "Annie Hall", the concept turns into a premise and then into an idea...

FrooniumRicky: Eventually, once we've agreed on the general story ("Chiana's upset over brother's death, goes down to graveyard planet, becomes a thrillseeker; Crichton/Aeryn have to stop her from killing herself")...

FrooniumRicky: ...some lucky writer (in the case above, the Mighty Monj -- HAIL MONJO!)

FrooniumRicky: goes off and works out a general outline, which the rest of the staff then helps flesh out.

FrooniumRicky: Eventually the writer zooms off to teleplay, gets notes from everybody, revises teleplay, gets more notes, revises teleplay (repeat a dozen times)...

FrooniumRicky: And on it goes.

FrooniumRicky: ga


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