What can you tell me about Richard Manning (aka FrooniumRicky)?(Last updated - 2/2/01)

I have a bunch of info to add in here over the next few weeks - keep checking back.  For now, I'll leave this snippet of a SciFi chat Froon did, concerning his nickname showing up in the chatroom #farscape.

From: June 15, 2000



Moderator: <Xeddicus> to <Moderator>: Ricky, for the past week it appears that we've been lucky enough to have you in #farscape ALOT. My question is, was this REALLY you or someone pulling a cruel joke?

FrooniumRicky: Both.

FrooniumRicky: That one was as real as this one.

FrooniumRicky: (If that helps)


I would simply add that you can never be completely sure who you're talking to in a chatroom - identities can be forged/imitated, so it never hurts to be careful.

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