Are there any on-line reviews of each episode? (Last updated - 7/01/01)

Funny you should ask - I just happen to have a bunch of them right here on this site. *grin* The ones I have so far were done by Kelly Hill, a Dominion BB regular.  They're copies of posts she made to the board, so you'll notice references to other BB people.  I've divided them into two sections -

Season 1 reviews

Season 2 reviews

***JUST ADDEDAnother BB regular - Quiet! (Joan) did regular columns for Cinescape and Themestream.  Now she has her own site with her Farscape reviews and much, much more.  To browse through her extensive collection go to -

A Blagger's Guide to Farscape

This site is owned by Neil Perryman, a UK fan, so there are reviews there through the end of season two - be warned if you're trying to avoid spoilers.

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