What's up with reruns -  why don't they air episodes more often? (Last updated - 1/19/01)

This was a reply from the Dominion BB administrator, in regards to some question's about reruns, and the difficulty of replying to comments on the board.



why no late-night reruns

Date: 12/7/2000
From: The_Dominion

Late-night or off-hour reruns of Farscape *sounds* like a good idea, until
you look closer at the nature of SCI FI's rights when it comes to the
series. I don't know the specifics of the contract between SCI FI and
Henson, but the norm is a limit in both length (after a certain number of
years, we lose the rights to season 1) and number of times you can air each
episode (in other words, how many times can we show PK Tech Girl within
that period before we exhaust our rights to the episode). With a show like
Farscape, the only times we'll generally run it are in prime time or during
the day on weekends and holidays. Since the potential audience in late
night or weekday afternoons is so much smaller, the odds are that we'll get
a lot less bang for our buck using up episodes in those time slots.
Incidentally, there are some common exceptions to this -- I think (though
am not sure) that if you show the same episode twice in one night (ie. 9pm
and 12am), it may only count as one use.

As for the comment about replying to my reply: at present, we've elected to
NOT support infinitely threaded discussions. Personally, I always hate when
you get one of those web boards where the indenting pushs the deepest
threads all the way off the edge of my monitor. Still, we're evaluating
changes to that and other things for our next version of BBoard, still in
the works.


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