What is this Farscape Primer stuff that SciFi is doing for Season 3?(Last updated - 2/2/01)

For the six weeks in the States between Season 2 and 3, the SciFi channel and Executive Producer David Kemper have put together "A Farscape Primer".  You can find it at -


What follows is a brief description from that site.


Every Friday morning from now through March 9, visit SCIFI.COM for background on that night's encore presentation -- including observations from Farscape creator Rockne S. O'Bannon and character-by-character analysis from Kemper. Then call your friends and prepare to watch episodes that introduce key characters (such as Scorpius), crucial plot points (the "chip") and underlying themes (like the "shippy" stuff) that every Farscape viewer needs to know.

We promise that if you read and watch each and every week, you'll "get your mind on right" in time for episode 301, "Season of Death."


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