Abbot & Costello - (ep 22) - How John referred to he & D'argo, just before leaving the pod (also said, "Kirk & Spock".

Baby - (S2 ep 5) - John says, "Hi Baby" to Chiana.

Barbaric savage - (S2 ep 8) - What Zhaan calls Aeryn when, in her hunger induced fog, she thinks Aeryn is trying to kill her.

Beautiful - (S2 ep 1) - "Buy you a drink, beautiful?" says a dren-faced Rygel to Zhaan.

Big Fella - (ep 3) - I think this is the first time John uses a nickname for Rygel. He says, "Big fella - you look refreshed" when he finds Rygel asleep, after he'd cleaned up from crawling around with the Draks. John also calls him "big fella" when Rygel mentions in ep 12 that he had multiple wives.

Blooming blue bush - (S2 ep 8) - What Aeryn calls Zhaan ("I get to stay on board with the blooming blue bush ...").

Blue - (S2 ep2) - John to Zhaan, when seeing her for the first time - "Hey Blue!"

Blue girl - (S2 ep 5) - John says "Have another one, blue girl" (meaning photogasm) to Zhaan.

Bob Marley - (S2 ep 4) - John addresses one of the clansmen as, "Yo, Bob ....Marley".

Boudreau - (S2 ep 8) - "You know, Boudreau, for such a great critter hunter, you're not doing a good job", John says to B'Soog.

Bozos - (S2 ep 5) - What John calls D'argo and Aeryn.

Brainiac - (S2 ep 5) - What John calls Tr'altixx when he meets him.

Brat - (ep 15) - Zhaan called Chianna this after trying to tend to her wound.

Bucket of dren - (S2 ep 6) - What Aeryn called John's module.

Buckwheat- (ep 17) - John says to Rygel, "I don't know what you've been smoking, buckwheat..." when he finds Rygel being silly on the yellow Moya.

Champ - (S2 ep 5) - What John calls D'argo after D'argo apologizes for punching him ("That's alright, champ").

Chi - (S2 ep2) - John to Chianna, when arriving on Moya - "Yo, Chi - what up?"

Creep - (S2 ep 5) - What D'argo calls Tr'altixx.

Crouton - (S2 ep 5) - What Aeryn calls John - "Next time you'll be a crouton, Crichton!".

D'ar - (S2 ep 3) - John's shorthand for D'argo.

Einstein - (S2 ep 9) - John/Aeryn to Rygel/John - "No I didn't, Einstein".

Elvis - (ep 15) - What John calls Salis.

Fluffy - (ep 4) - Rygel is called this a couple of times in the episode.

Four arms - (ep 17) - Chiana calls Pilot this after a fruitless search for the missing crew members.

Frigid flat butted PK skank - (S2 ep 5) - Not one of John's most affectionate terms for Aeryn.

Frog boy - (ep 18) - Chiana to Rygel, when they're about to open the container.

Froggy - (S2 ep 6) - Chiana says to Rygel, "Explain this to me, Froggy".

Frog lips - (S2 ep 3) - Chiana said to Rygel, "Clamp it, frog lips" when he was mouthing off about Nilaam.

Furball - (S2 ep 5) - What Chiana calls D'argo.

Gadget girl - (ep 19) - What Chiana calls Gilina.

Gangly hunk of flesh - (S2 ep 9) - While Rygel is occupying Crichton's body, he says to Tak, "I don't think I can stand this gangly hunk of flesh much longer".

Gilligan & Maryanne - (S2 ep 5) - What John calls D'argo and Chiana, although he ponders if she might be Ginger instead.

Girlie - (ep 17) - When Chiana calls Rygel a runt, he responds with "Hey, girlie".

Grandma - (S2 ep 3) - John said to D'argo, "Ask Grandma, here" (Nilaam) about what was wrong with Moya.

Green-assed, stinking, warty, little bastard" - (S2 ep 8) - Vija's assessment of Rygel.

Grizzly - (S2 ep 5) - John says to D'argo, "Go back to your mountain, Grizzly.  You're not wanted here.".

Guido - (ep 17) - John says to Rygel, "Hey guido - did you see that?"

"Hakuna Matata, Masata" - (ep 14) - How John greets Rygel - not really a nickname, but it seemed fitting here.

Honey - (S2 ep 5) - John said to Aeryn, "Honey - please?", when asking her to put away her gun.

Jenny Craig - (S2 ep 8) - A weight loss guru.  After Aeryn refuses John's offer of fried dentics, he says, "Suit yourself, Jenny Craig".

"Junior Miss Tough-Chick-of-the-Universe" - (ep 17) - John asks Chiana if she isn't supposed to be this - Chiana replies "Yeah, when I can kiss or kick or cry my way out of it. But this [situation] is way,way,way,way different."

Kirk & Spock - (ep 22) - How John referred to he & D'argo, just before leaving the pod (also said, "Abbot & Costello".

Little camper - (ep 5) - John calls him this at the end of the ep, when he discovers Rygel's food binge.

Little green eating machine - (S2 ep 8) - John tells B'Soog to ignore "The little green eating machine" (Rygel, of course).

Little Lying Sack of Spite - (ep 21) - Crichton to M'Lee.

Little Man - (ep 9) - What D'argo calls Rygel when he discovers Rygel has hidden food cubes.  Also what Aeryn calls Rygel in S2 ep 5.

Little toad - (S2 ep 1) - "You little toad", says Chiana to Rygel after he farted helium in court while she was questioning a witness.

Marshall - (S2 ep 8) - "Here you are, Marshall", John says to B'Soog when turning over his weapon.

Maverick - (S2 ep 8) - John said to Rygel, "We're here for Zhaan, Maverick, not games", referring to that great tv show (man, I love James Garner *grin*).

Medusa - (S2 ep 5) - What John calls D'argo.

Missy - (S2 ep 5) - What John calls Chiana.

Mother - (ep 17) - Chiana calls Zhaan this after Zhaan tells her not to wander off.

***Mr. Bad News - (S2 ep 12) - John's response to Pilot.

My Boy Crais - (ep 22) - John's reaction when seeing Crais board Moya.

Napoleon XIV - (ep 14) - John says to Aeryn, he's "sick of Napoleon XIV (Rygel)), I'm sick of Blue (Zhaan), I'm sick of Tentacle boy (D'argo), and I'm sick of you, Aeryn". Also refers to him as Napoleon in ep 17.

Nosferatu - (ep 19) - What John calls Scorpius.

Old Bastard - (S2 ep 6) - Part of John's greeting to Maldis.

Old fossil - (S2 ep 3) - Rygel's term for the Orican.

Peacekeeper Barbie - (ep 20) - What John called Niem (Scorpius' assistant) - this was also a Ben ad-lib.

Pervo - (ep 18) - Chiana to Rygel, again when they are about to open the container.

Pip - (ep 17) - After John calls Chiana this, he tells her Pip is "my favorite travelling companion".

Princess - (S2 ep 3) - John's way of referring to the young version of Nilaam.  Also calls Aeryn "Princess" in S2 ep 5.

Radient Aeryn Sun - (ep 20) - Quite possibly the sweetest nick ever heard, said by John (of course).

Rasta Man - (ep 22) - What John calls D'argo in the pod.

Reynaldo - (S2 ep 5) - What John calls D'argo.

Ryg - (S2 ep 6) - Chiana's nick for Rygel at the end , "Can't have everything, Ryg".

Runt - (ep 17) - Chiana calls Rygel a runt when everyone is joking around at the end of the ep.

Savage - (S2 ep 5) - What Rygel calls John.

Scorpion - (S2 ep 5) - What John calls the Scopius hallucination.

Scorpy - (ep 20) - Stark & John's nickname for Scorpius.

Shell head - (S2 ep 5) - What John calls Pilot.

Sister - (S2 ep 5) - What Chiana calls Aeryn when they're fighting.

Slimy - (ep 21) - Chiana to Rygel

Slug-face - (ep 20) - Chiana to Rygel

Slug-man - (ep 14) - John refers to Rygel while talking to D'argo.

Sluggo - (S2 ep 3) - John says to Rygel, "You're a tight fit, Sluggo" after Rygel is sucked into the hull breach.

Sluggy - (S2 ep 9) - When Chiana/D'argo is coming on to Rygel/Crichton, she says, "This is as good as it gets, sluggy" in reference to Rygel having John's body.

Slug monkey - (S2 ep 8) - What John calls Rygel when he discovers him in the mine.

Slug who would be king, the - (ep 14) - What John calls Rygel at the end of the episode.

Slut - (S2 ep 5) - John to Chiana.

Spanky - (ep 6) - John says about Rygel, "Well Spanky here is male.....I think.........sort of.......".

Sparky - (ep 14) - What John calls Rygel when it's time to join the Acquarian ceremony ("Sparky, you're up"). Also in ep 17.

Sparky, Spanky, Fluffy, Buckwheat the 16th - (ep 22) - Crichton's mega-term of "endearment" to Rygel.

Spiky - (ep 21) - Crichton to M'Lee.

Soulless Bastard - (ep 22) - Crichton to Rygel, when discussing how Rygel tried to sell them out.

Sport - (S2 ep 4) - When John is talking to Molon, he says "Must be pushing 22 cycles, huh sport?".

Stoned Monkeys - (S2 ep 4) - John's term of affection for the clansmen ("stoned monkeys who jump off a cliff").

Sunshine - (ep 17) - What John calls Chiana when she's trying to leave Moya.  Also calls Aeryn "Sunshine" in S2 ep 5.

Swamp Thing - (ep 21) - Crichton to Br'Nee.

Test monkey  - (S2 ep 5) - Aeryn calls John a "test monkey who frelled up his first experiment.

Toad - (ep 15) - What Chiana calls Rygel while trying to get him to help her escape.

Toad face - (S2 ep 3) - Chiana to Rygel, "He's right Toad face.  Pitch in."

Toto - (ep 8) - What John calls Rygel when he (John) wakes up.

Tree Hugger - (ep 21) - D'argo, about Br'Nee.

Your Flatulence - (ep 21) - D'argo to Rygel.

Your Frogness - (S2 ep2) - Chiana, to Rygel - "It's been nice, Your Frogness".

Your Lowness - (ep 17) - Aeryn calls Rygel when he suggests trading Moya for a faster ship.

Your Rectal Emminance - (ep 9) - D'argo, to Rygel when Rygel refuses to hand over the crystal.

Your Royal Frogness - (ep 18) - Chiana to Rygel when he tells her to open the box.  She also refers to him as "his royal frogness" when talking to Zhaan in S2 ep 1.

Zhanny - (S2 ep 1) - From the DALD version, towards the end of the ep, John calls her "Zhanny".