Enough about the show - what is up with the newsgroup?  Are you people all nuts? (Last updated - 8/2/01)

Well, technically that's two questions, but let me see if I can shed some light on the cocktail party/playground that is ATF.  Hmmmm, nope - the experience of the newsgroup defies words.  *grin*  Some general tips & hints though (with thanks to jayembee for a couple additions/corrections) -

* LURK FIRST, POST QUESTIONS LATER!  Lurk for a week or so, get a feel for the zaniness, then jump on in - the water's fine, once you get used to it.

* Before asking "When are new episodes starting again?" or "I tuned in Friday night to watch FARSCAPE, and it wasn't on. What happened?" make sure you've checked out -

Sci-Fi Channel's Schedulebot (http://www.scifi.com/schedulebot/help.html)
and/or FARSCAPE pages (http://www.scifi.com/farscape/).

*  Please don't top post.  This means that when you reply to a post, you put your text _after_ the text you're replying to.   Also, the delete button can be your friend - use it to snip unneccesary text, especially if you're just adding one comment to a lengthy post.  This will make your post flow better, and you won't attract unwanted attention from our resident guard dogs.

*  Before you post and ask about episodes of Farscape we've discussed that don't show up on the SciFi schedulebot, let me give you a hint - we had a long, dry stretch between new episodes, and we needed something to tide us over.  This has resulted in "phantom" episodes being discussed.  Someone (usually Penni/Broughps) posted intial comments, and others chimed in with their takes on an ep we all pretended we've seen.  It will probably happen again - stay tuned.

*  Please don't post spoilers in the subject line.  If you're not sure what a spoiler is, please check


for details and the newsgroup spoiler guidelines.

*  Remember, you attract flies with honey, not vinegar.  Okay, it's a lame analogy, but the idea is that if you come into the group, yelling about how stupid we are for whatever reason (not enough Farscape discussion/too much discussion about minor details/insert random topic here <g>), you'll either be ignored or chewed up & discarded.  Your choice.

*  There are tons of lists out there on Usenet abbreviations / acronyms, but some that appear in ATF on a regular basis are -

AFK - Away From Keyboard
<g> - Grin - also eg (evil grin), bg (big grin) - you get the idea
HTH - Hope This Helps
IAUBH - Insert Annoying Usenet Booger Here.  Some people (James) despise
      emoticons (like :) etc.), and refer to them as "usenet boogers".  In deference
      to their sensibilities, some people (Thinkum, who coined the acronym) try to
      substitute [IAUBH].
IIRC - If I Recall Correctly.
IYKWIM - If You Know What I Mean
NG - Newsgroup
NTTAWWT - Not That There's Anything Wrong With That (Mark Morrison got this one started)
OTOH - On The Other Hand
ROTFL - Rolling (or Right) On The Floor Laughing
ROTFLMAO - the same with the addition of My Ass Off
TIA - Thanks In Advance
TMI - Too Much Information
WOCAB - Who Of Course Are Bastards. Used in jest (I think) by the Brits about the French
WROCS - Joan/QuietI's Weekly Roundup of Cool Stuff (aka her episode review)
YKYBWTMFW - You Know You've Been Watching Too Much Farscape When ...
YMMV - Your Milage May Vary.  It means this is my opinion, and I concede yours may be different.

Click for Episode Name abbreviations commonly used -

* Oh, and yes - Farscape has NOT been cancelled - shooting began for Season Three in November, 2000, and to the best of my knowledge is not going away any time soon.  This has become a sort of running joke in the newsgroup - don't ask why, just laugh/growl/ignore and chalk it up to the unique humor of a.t.f..


alt.tv.farscape is a forum for the discussion of the television show,"Farscape", its characters, and related topics.  Binary files, fan fiction, and spam are expressly prohibited.  Advertising will be allowed if it is on-topic, and is posted no more than once a week.  Participants are asked to use their judgment to help keep crossposting to a minimum.

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for more information on newsgroups and netiquette in general.

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