What can you tell me about the special effects / music? (Last updated - 7/18/01)

Special Effects


Special Effects

The current CGI company is Animal Logic.  They came on board for Farscape's second season, replacing the season one FX company (Garner MacLennan Design - they still have a Farscape page up at http://www2.gmd.com.au/television/default.htm).  I have to say that any reservations I had about the switch (change always makes me nervous *grin*) were blown out of the water after seeing "Liars, Guns and Money Part 1 - A Not So Simple Plan".  This single ep contained more "eye-candy" then most full length feature films!  Well, at least it felt that way to me - in MHO, Animal Logic ROCKS!

Their website is gorgeous as well -

The Animal Logic home page  http://www.animallogic.com/

The Animal Logic Farscape page http://www.animallogic.com/film/farscape/

Here are some of the unsung heros/heroines who bring such wonder to the Farscape Universe every week - 

3D Animators:

Jeremy Howdin - lead animator
Alex McLeod
Ben Malta
Matt Smith
Ben West
Chris Debney
Josh Simmonds
Nathan Mitchell
Brett Margules
Nigel Waddington
Craig Brown
Abigail Gee
Jon Thorsen
Alex Scollay

Design, 2D and admin:

Benita Carey - AL producer
Nick Martinelli - Art Director
Eve Harrison - Assistant producer
Marco Nero - Concept artist
Nicole Mather - matte artist
Lisa Woodland - compositer
Dominic Bean - henry compositor
Mike Daley - compositor
Grant Everett - on-set supervisor
Brad  Smith  - junior compositor
David Dally - inferno compositor

Thank you all for making an incredible show even more wonderous!

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The music in the second season is being done by Guy Gross.  He has a website up at -


In the first season, the music was done by SubVision.  They don't appear to have a webpage.

For some discussion over the reason for the switch, and how each company approached doing the scoring for the show, check out the following article -

"FARSCAPE: Music for the Wide-Open Universe - SubVision and Guy Gross discuss their different approaches to the hit show."  by Randall D. Larson (12/2/00).


For additional information about the theme song, click here

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