How come European Scapers get more footage than the US? (Last updated - 7/06/01)

Okay, you've listened to the commentary on the first Farscape DVD (US version) and they mention that in Europe the episodes run longer than in the US, or you've heard it mentioned on the BB or in the NG.  Now you want to know why we're losing out, right?  Here's the skinny, posted recently to the NG by Thinkum (of A Snurcher's Guide to Farscape fame).  The information is also available in various places throughout Scaperdom, but she did a great and concise job of summing up what TPTB have said on the issue.


For the first season, and the first season only, the BBC's contract with the
Farscape folks stipulated a longer running time per episode than did SciFi's
contract.  So there were a few extra minutes in the episodes as delivered to
the BBC.  (Of course, the BBC then proceeded to snip out all kinds of stuff
they felt was inappropriate for the show's timeslot, so we pretty much all
wound up getting the same length ep in the end. *grin*)

Starting with season two, all markets get the exact same master, world-wide.


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