Where have I seen living ships before? (Last updated - sometime in 1999)

A member of the Dominion BB, NiceGuyEddie, complied this list, with the help of other BB members.

Living Ships We Have Known


StarTrek TNG - Pilot Episode "Farpoint" - a living ship that creates things upon request.

 StarTrek TNG - Episode " Tin Man" - a living symbiotic ship that has lost its crew.

Babylon5 - Vorlon ships (biological) and Membari ships (biomechanoid)

Kitt - sentient car

Lexx - a living ship


Speed Buggy - a talking dune buggy


Robin Hobb fantasy series: "Ship Of Magic" - Mad Ship, a living sea-faring vessel.

Series about ships with human consciences placed in them:

Anne McCaffrey - The Ship Who Sang

Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Bell - PartnerShip

Anne McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey - The Ship Who Searched

S.M. Stirling - The Ship Avenged

John Varley - Titan, Wizard, Demon

Arthur C. Clarke - Rama, a ship with biological machines that act like DRDs.

Harlan Ellison - The Human Operators (also turned into an episode of The New Outer Limits) - a sentient spacebattle cruiser

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