What's a....( DRD, Cycle, etc.)? The Farscape Lexicon (Last updated 6/18/01)

The Lexicon  is current through: S2 ep 9 - Out Of Their Minds

Spellings (for the most part) are courtesy of the closed captioning, provided by Hallmark Entertainment & The SciFi Channel.

The "ep #" refers to the episode the word first appeared in.   To hopefully eliminate any confusion, I've made a list of what the eps numbers refer to.  I go by the log file numbers, but the entries are made in the order in which the eps have appeared in the States - so if a word appears in both "Taking The Stone", and "Dream A Little Dream", I'll credit it in TTS, since I saw that ep first.  Yeah, I know - clear as mud! *grin*

1 = Premiere 12 = Rhapsody In Blue S2 ep 4 = Taking The
3 = Exodus From Genesis 14 = Jeremiah Crichton S2 ep 5 = Crackers Don't 
5 = Back and Back and      Back To The Future
15 = Durka Returns S2 ep 7 = The Way We
4 = Throne For A Loss 16 = A Human Reaction S2 ep 8 = Home On 
              The Remains
7 = PK Tech Girl 17 = Through The Looking
S2 ep 1 = Dream A Little
         Dream/ RE:Union
6 = Thank God It's Friday, Again
18 = A Bug's Life S2 ep 9 = Out Of Their
2 = I, ET 19 = Nerve
8 = That Old Black Magic 20 = The Hidden Memory
9 = DNA Mad Scientist 21 = Bone To Be Wild
10 = They've Got A Secret 22 = Family Ties
11 = Til The Blood Runs
S2 ep 2 = Mind the Baby
13 = The Flax S2 ep 3 = Vitas Mortis

***denotes a new or updated entry.

The catagories are -

Alien Words/Phrases - When the translator microbes fail

Food - All types of food mentioned so far

General - Things that don't fit in the other catagories

Nicknames for Rygel (and others) - All the terms of endearment used by our crew

Slang - Be it human or alien, it is here

Species Encountered / Mentioned - Aliens we meet, and ones that come up in conversation

Technical - All the gadget & gizmo speak

Time & Measurement - Need I say? *grin*

Weaponry - There haven't been many, but they're all here