Spoiler about Season 3 ep 6 (Eat Me) - Which Twin has the Tony? (Last updated - 7/13/01)

Okay, the Crichton Doublemint twins have everyone trying to decide which John is real and which one is fake.  Everyone seems to be missing the point made in the episode - as far as we know at this point, both John's are equally real - there is no "fake" or "clone".  Here are the relevent quotes, as snurched from Snurcher's.



D'agro - "You cloned me."
Kaarvok - "Not the word "clone". Please. I doubled you. I...twinned you. Two D'Argos,
                  equal and original. And tasty. I've never twinned a Luxan before."
D'argo - "Why me?"
Karrvok - "We're going to make babies."



Chiana - "It was just a copy...a fake."
D'argo - "I keep telling myself that, but then, there's Crichton...and Kaarvok, he said that
                he'd created two equal and original."
Chiana - "Boll-yotz. Kaarvok was full of it."
D'argo - "How do you know that I am not the copy? Maybe the real D'Argo is dead."
Chiana - "Because you just know. You know. Frell."


Then there's the stuff from the recent Farscape chat with Lily Taylor and Richard Manning (among others) -



Moderator: <Gmmas> to <Moderator>: Lily: has it been hard as a writer this season working with two Crichton's, making them the same person, yet different?

Lily: Ye and No. Because they went on such different journeys they did start to take on lives of their own.



Moderator: <CrystalMoon> to <Moderator>: We asked Lily what is was like writing for two Crichtons. How has it been for you? Is it harder with two?

FrooniumRicky: Well, only when we forget which one is real and which is the clone

FrooniumRicky: oops

FrooniumRicky: wait

FrooniumRicky: That is NOT true

FrooniumRicky: Equal and original

FrooniumRicky: So we pretty much write 'em both just like we always have

FrooniumRicky: except, of course, that their circumstances are now different

FrooniumRicky: in some of the small details

FrooniumRicky: i.e., Aeryn

FrooniumRicky: ga


So, the answer to the question is that BOTH twins have the tony.  *grin*