Afterlife - (S2 ep 1) - Zhaan says she refuses "to carry the guilt of any more deaths into the afterlife".

Altar of essence - (ep 12) - Where Tahleen invited Zhaan to "replenish" at.

Animal-centric - (ep 21) - What Zhaan says John is, after says something to the effect of, you mean all the life on this asteriod was killed just to save a few "stinking plants"?

Attend - (S2 ep 3) - A Luxan death custom involving the assisting of Oricans in the ritual of passing.  When an Orican dies, the atendent sanctifies the assent by transferring energy, risking death in the process.  The attendant is supposed to provide comfort and support, and ease the journey into the next realm.  A bonding (emotional and spiritual link) is forged.  To be chosen to attend an Oridan .is considered the highest honor a Luxan can receive.

Axiom, the - (S2 ep 1) - Small book that is the basis of all the laws on Litigara.  The bartender said the laws grew more complicated over the centuries to justify the existence of so many lawyers.

Bad faith defense - (S2 ep 1) - On Litigara, if a lawyer puts on a defense that he/she even suspects contains falsehoods, they will share the same fate as their client (in Zhaan's case, execution).

Banja trees - (ep 2) - Native to the planet Denea.

Battle Unit - (S2 ep 3) - D'argo refers to his battle unit (meaning the group of warriors his was with) during his second campaign.

Bishan -(ep 1) - Rygel's cousin, who had Rygel inprisoned.

Cartilaginous Fibers - (ep 21) - Part of Zhaan's physiology.

Cemetery planet - (S2 ep 4) - A planet set aside solely for burial - the clansmen lived on a royal cemetery planet, where only leaders were buried.

Cenobian rebellion - (ep 15) - Aeryn mentioned the quelling of the Cenobian rebellion as one of Durka's legendary acheivements.

Chloraplast Tintation - (ep 21) - Part of Zhaan's physiology - the blue tinting on her skin.

Chloroferric compounds - (ep 4) - What blocked Moya from detecting the Tavlek shuttle on the planet surface.

Circuitry organ - (S2 ep 1) - From the DALD version, Zhaan tells John that her "circuitry organ does not seize up" after he mentions having a heart attack.

Clamshell - (S2 ep 9) - Crichton's name for the screen that Pilot appears on, "Put it up on the clamshell".

Clorium - (ep 2) - One of the "7 Forbidden cargos" aboard a Leviathan, it is an element (similar to table salt?) that was used to anesthetize Moya.

Corvinium - (ep 4) - What the Tavleks wanted in exchange for Rygel (Purity 9).

Crandak - (S2 ep 3) - Chiana tells Rygel, "Your butt must be made of reinforced crandak" after he escaped relatively unscathed from being sucked into a hull breach.

***Critter - (S2 ep 12) - John says "Not another critter" when Caveman Crichton arrived.

Culleh - (ep 14) - Acquarian word meaning love or affection - "Lishala feels culleh for the stranger".

Deemo - (S2 ep 8) - Gambling game at the mining camp - apparently cheating is part of the game.

Deep space interna-thermia - (ep 10) - What D'argo suffered from after being in space for a 1/2 arn (usually survival is limited to 1/4 arn).

Delvian Wanta Chant - (ep 14) - Used to increase work efficiency.

Dentic - (ep 3) - A cute little creature - a cross between a caterpillar and maggot. When placed in your mouth, they clean your teeth by eating the bacteria & food particles - just don't swallow them!

***Digit - (S2 ep 12) - D'argo says to Rygel, "And I take it you aren't going to lift a digit to help?"

Dual full moon - (S2 ep 1) - A time when blue eyed Litigarans stay inside, because the light from the moons will give them a nasty burn.

Erp - (ep 1) - When Aeryn is talking to Crais, she says John is a human from a planet called "erp".

Excedrin headache - (S2 ep 4) - Aeryn asks John where he is going.  He says, "To see if this Excedin headache was worth it".  I know it's probably self-explanatory, but just in case I wanted to mention that in the States, Excedrin is (surprise) an over-the-counter pain remedy that used to have a commercial campaign citing "Excedrin headache #835" (or some other random  number), showed how it made the pain go away.  I think I'm getting one right now from explaining it......

Fibers - (ep 17) - Akin to ligaments, Zhaan said the fibers in her arm were torn when she fell.

Fire pulsars - (S2 ep 5) - On the way to the transformation planet, Moya had to travel through fire pulsars.  Tr'altixx said on lesser species were effected by the light, and would experience slight impairment of judgement and some wooziness.  He assured the crew none of them would be affected ("genetic laboreres, ungifted menials" would be).  Later he mentioned that the light disturbed the optic neurons, triggering distrust.

Frag leap - (S2 ep 9) - Rygel/John's misinterpretation of "leap frog".

Gagarin, Yuri - (ep 1) - The late Mr. Gagarin (born March 9,1934, and died March 27, 1968) was first person to leave the Earth's atmosphere, in the (former) USSR's Vostok 1 (the world's first manned spacecraft) on 12 April 1961. He is the man John refers to, as the person who gave Jack Crichton his lucky puzzle ring.

Garbologist - (ep 13) - According to Staanz, a "connoiseur of what other people throw away".

Gas - (S2 ep 8) - When trying to get away from the keedva, John grabs onto Rygel's thronesled, and tells him to "Give it more gas", to which Rygel replies, "There is no more gas".

Gathering, The - (S2 ep 4) - When the clansmen get together to witness gardas and nixars "taking the stone".

Grondeer - (ep 14) - Acquarian leader.

Grot - (ep 7) - Seems like the same word as "grunt" in the service.

Hawaii Five-0 - (S2 ep 5) - John says Scorpy looks like a guest star on this television show from 1968.

Heart of ? - (S2 ep 8) - When talking about Chiana, Altana says she has a "heart of __".  The CC said "gold", but it sounded more like "ga" or "good".

Holo Image - (ep 22) - What D'argo had of his wife & child - much better than a plain photograph.

Hurlian Stone - (ep 1) - A ring like object, something Rygel was bartering with.

Hynerian Ceremony of Passage - (ep 8) - A death ritual. Hynerians believe they will then go to the Hallowed Realm.

Hynerian Cream Soap - (ep 1) - An item Rygel wishes to get at the Commerce planet.

Hynerian Heimlich - (S2 ep2) - A manuver John tries on Rygel to stop his apparent choking.

Hynerian Navy - (ep 4) - Rygel tries to threaten the Tavleks by telling them the HN will blast the planet.

Hynerian Royal Tiara (from the Neltoth era) - (S2 ep 6) - Rygel discovers one on the traders ship, and calls it a cheap copy, then adds "I should know.  I gave them to all my wives" (but does he mean he gave them authentic ones, or copies? *grin*).

IASA - (ep 1) - Assumption being it's the "International Aeronautics & Space Administration"

Immelman - (ep 19) - When Chiana questions John on his ability to fly the Prowler, he says, "You should see my Immelman". This is an actual tactical maneuver(named after its inventor Max Immelmann, a WWI German Ace) that resembles a loop-de-loop.

Intellant virus - (ep 18) - Encountered by the crew, this particular one was acid based.

Inter-species tugg wrestling - (ep 13) - Referred to by Rygel.

Insertion - (S2 ep 7) - The process of joining a pilot with a leviathan (Velorek said the insertion of Pilot would take 83 arns - Crais gave him 60).

Intons - (S2 ep2) - Hynerian airway seizure caused by strong emotions.

Irreversibly Contaminated - (ep 1) - What Crais said Aeryn was after her "exposure" to the prisoners.

Irrevocably Contaminated - (ep 22) - What Lt. Braca said Crais was declared after his "exposure" to the prisoners.

Jelifan fire paste - (ep 15) - One of the ingredients in the bomb Rygel made.

Jinka poles - (ep 18) - Hassan says to the other PK's that Larraq will have their heads on jinka poles if they damage the cargo.

Kaftan - (ep 20) - Chiana tells Rygel to "keep it in your kaftan" - presumably the Hynerian equivilant of pants.

Kamin Stone - (S2 ep 6) - When Chiana was looking at a necklace, Rygel told her she wouldn't want it because it was "synthetic Kamin stone", so it was worthless.

Kelvic crystals - (ep 13) - A green gem - Rygel won a bunch while playing Tadek.

Khalaan - (ep 1) - Zhaan says, "Thank Khalaan", when everyone is safely back on board Moya.

Kill shot/nerve shot - (ep 13) - Used in Sebacean battle triage, the kill shot stops heart & brain functions, and the nerve shot restarts them.

Klendian Flu - (ep 8) - An illness Rygel contracted, similar to our various strains of flu.

Kronite shavings - (ep 22) - Not volatile by itself, when added to lutra oil, it becomes hightly explosive - Zhaan obtained the shavings from the floor of Moya's cargo hold.

Light of truth - (S2 ep 1) - According to the Litigaran law book, "The Axiom", a burning torch held before someone testifying would burn brighter if the person were lying (Chiana creates one out of a broken chair leg).

Litigara - (S2, ep2) - Name of the planet where Zhaan's trial was held.  Her original charge was "failing to heed", which carries a sentence of 10 solar days.  After she was arrested for murder, the charge was dropped, and she was to be executed 3 solar days later.

Living Death - (ep 3) Sebaceans lack the gland that regulates heat - when exposed to high temperatures, they lapse into coma from which death is the only release.

Lomata-kai - (ep 14) - Place that the Acquarians banished John & D'argo to - they were to work the compound for 10 cycles.

Lost people - (S2 ep 4) - When a clansman doesn't "take the stone" at 22 cycles, gardas and nixars don't like seeing the resulting slow radiation poisoning death, so they go off and make themselves lost.

Lutra Oil - (ep 22) - Not volatile, but when mixed with Kronite shavings, it becomes highly explosive.

Luxan hyper rage - (ep 6) - You think PMS is bad........?

Macton Towl - (ep 10) - D'argo's former brother-in-law

Mallac Field - (ep 2) - Deneans referred to Moya being as big as two of these.

Malsonic labor stockade - (ep 13) - Where Staanz spent 9 cycles.

Mate - (ep 22) - I believe this term actually came up in an earlier ep, and I missed it - this is the UT term for a husband/wife/signifcant other (and I know it's a human term as well, just seems to be the word-of-choice).

McDougall - (ep 8) - John Crichton's mother's maiden name.

Micropollens - (S2 ep 8) - What Zhaan's buds released, causing problems with Moya.

Midmeal - (S2 ep 1) - UT term for lunch.

Mintaka Three - (ep 15) - Aeryn mentioned the liberation of Mintaka Three as one of Durka's legendary acheivements.

Mippippippi - (ep 17) - D'argo's take on the word "Mississippi".

Missionary habitat - (ep 12) - The type of Delvian ship that was buried beneath the planet's sruface.

Molecular diaspora - (ep 17) - What would happen to everyone if Moya continued to be pulled apart.

Morlian death spiders - (ep 4) - One of the reasons Aeryn let John lead the mission on the planet.

Nashtin cleansing pills - (S2 ep 1) - UT cure for the common hangover - when Rygel gives them to Chiana, he tells her to take one immediately, one at the midmeal, and one if needed that night.  Needless to say, Chiana felt so "frelled-up" that she took them all at once, with the apparent side effect of being extremely peppy.

New Moon of Devia - (ep 12) - The temple to the goddess of spiritual renewel aboard the Delvian ship.

Nogelti - (S2 ep 8) - Valuable crystal, found in budongs.

Off-worlder - (S2 ep 1) - Litigaran term for non-Litigarans.

Ointment of Yuvo - (ep 8 ) - A medicine that clears breathing passages.

Onlux - (ep 2) - What the Deneans call Chlorium.

Onnyxi play partners - (ep 13) - Green dolls (of which Staanz had 9 million) - he says they levitate, they particalize, they do everything - and they burn good too.

Orican - (S2 ep 3) - Luxan holy women (not clear if all Oricans are female or not) who are worshipped by Luxans as "seekers of truth".  They have a neat trick of putting their hand into the chests of potential "attendants" as a means of determining worthiness.

Ossoh scent - (ep 13) - Apparently a valuable commodity, Rygel uses it to bet with - he tells Staanz that it's "90 parts pure - they won't be able to resist even you".

Otec lamp - (S2 ep 3) - A Luxan light fixture, commonly used to ward off evil.

Outer hull breach - (S2 ep 3) - Unheard of on a leviathan, it nonetheless happened to Moya on tier 20, Hammond side, after Nilaam's ritual of renewal.

Pa'u - (ep 12) - Delvian priest - not the first time this word is mentioned, but we do find out that a Pa'u of the 10th level is able to protect.

Paraphoral Nerve - (ep 19) - Kidney-like nerve in Sebaceans - once damaged, it cannot heal. The only cure is a tissue graft from a genetically compatible donor (or synthesized tissue).

Pharmacognosia - (ep 21) - Zhaan declare the asteriod to be "the Goddesses Pharmacognosia".

Photogasm - (ep 11) - The reason why Delvians just looooove to sunbathe. *evilgrin*

PMS - (ep 9) - John uses it as "PeaceKeeper Military Shi......", to describe Aeryn's off-mood.

Porzin Two - (ep 4) - A (commerce?) planet - D'argo says to Rygel, "On Porzin Two, all you got us were stale food cubes".

Priestan - (ep 14) - Acquarian religious figure, they are the only ones who can read the Timbala.

Priority red-one mission - (ep 18) - What the PK COmmandos were on - Larraq tried to take over command of Moya under article 4-1-4-decca (he also flashed the PK badge Chiana later snurches).

Prowler Attack School - (ep 18) - Place Aeryn attended at 16 cycles.

Rauliss buds - (S2 ep 7) - Chiana asks everyone if they thought Aeryn was "out picking rauliss buds while all the other mean PKs did all the really nasty stuff"?

Rechanting - (S2 ep 4) - Recalling, or restarting - when the clan voted to continue jumping, Molon said "I'm rechanting the gathering".

Regenerative Fascia Membranes - (ep 21) - Part of Zhaan's physiology.

Ritual of renewal - (S2 ep 3) - What Nilaam performed instead - turned herself young, instead of dead.

"Rha 'nalan be with you" - (ep 13) - Zhaan says to D'argo.

Royal concubines - (S2 ep 9) - Apparently, in addition to having many wives, Rygel had concubines - Rygel/John was trying to convince himself he was only having a bad dream and when he woke up, he'd be in his bedchamber surrounded by them.

Sanctity root - (ep 12) - The Delvian temple is built around it - represents purity of thought and intent - poisonous to PK's and humans (hmmm, any hidden meaning there?).

Servicers - (ep 10) - What D'argo calls Pilot and the DRD's.

Shakloom - (ep 14) - A large (about 2 feet across?) water creature, a kind of cross between a lobster and a crab.

Shilquen - (ep 5) - A Luxan instrument, Da'rgo was building it in ep 5, and played it for Pilot in ep 9.

Stevva crystals - (ep 15) - One of the ingredients in the bomb Rygel made.

Stomata - (ep 21) - Part of Zhaan's physiology - the yellow tinting on her skin is stomata for, "the transportation of water".

Tadek - (ep 13) - A board game, resembling a mix of shuffleboard and chess - uses clear square pieces that are moved with a short, forked rod & stacked - also invovles touching a "plasma ball" (my name for it, not mentioned on the show) while moving the pieces - Rygel says that bluffing is what the game is all about.

Tankas - (S2 ep 9) - At the end of the episode, D'argo asks Chiana what she did when she was in his body because his tankas were sore.  *evilgrin*

Tebek Scroll - (S2 ep 3) - What Nilaam wants to consult with to try to figure out what happened to Moya - apparently Luxan mystical writings.

Tegra - (S2 ep 1) - From the RE:Union version, at the end when Pilot hears Zhaan's chanting, he says she is performing the tegra of the Delvian seek. [NOTE:  The CC didn't show up on my tape of this show, so I'm going by how it sounded when Pilot said it]

Temporal dislocation - (ep 5) - What Crichton experienced because of his exposure to the black hole.

Terminated - (S2 ep 4) - How Chiana referred to her brother Nerri -"he's terminated - means he's dead".

Terran Raa - (ep 1) - The prison, a lifers colony, that Moya was bringing the prisoners to.

Three Point Grid Search - (ep 21) - What Scorpius orders them to do on the asteriod, while looking for Moya's pod.

Timbala - (ep 14) - The sacred text of the Acquarians, written in ancient Hynerian.

Tokken Knife - (ep 2) - A small blade, made of bone, used in a young, male, Luxan ritual.

Transformation yards - (S2 ep 5) - Tr'altixx was bringing Moya to the transformation yards (a kind of junkyard, I would assume) to build the central device.

Traskin - (ep 21) - D'argo said he had broken this after his fight with Br'nee (according to the CC - however, it sounded more like "tarroq")

Trellon oil - (ep 8) - A sensual stimulant, it inhances the conjugal experience (so says Liko).

Tribunal Order - (ep 22) - Crais said this is the only thing that can release a convicted murderer from PK custody.

Triple quadra hent - (ep 13) - A game move in Tadek.

Tuperadinous Cellulose Tissure - (ep 21) - Part of Zhaan's physiology.

Twinium - (ep 2) - Chlorium is a radioactively induced isotope of this.

Unchartered Territories - (ep 1) - The area outside of PK space - also where Moya ended up after her escape from the PK's.

Unity - (ep 12) - Delvian intimacy - the "sacred surrender of 2 minds together, two spirits, two souls" (Zhaan) - apparently a part of each soul & mind remains with the other.

Ustar regiment - (ep 18) - Aeryn calls herself, "Lt. Sun, Ustar regiment, special duty assignment" when the PK Commando's board Moya (Larraq later tells her she should be transferred to "special ops").

Veen - (ep 22) - Chiana says, "My Veen", when she realizes the Command Carrier is coming back.

Watruka plant - (ep 15) - A plant with an intriguing exterior, but it stings (Salis compared Chiana to it).

Wellan glow crystals - (ep 1) - An item Rygel inquired about while trading on the Commerce planet.

Wesley Kenn - (S2 ep 1) - Litigaran, was an equal rights advocate for the Utilities until his death.

Wile E. Coyote - (ep 4) - A Warner Brothers cartoon character, who is always coming up with elaborate plots (which always fail miserabley) to catch the RoadRunner. When Aeryn tells John her plan to rescue Rygel, John says, "Wile E. Coyote could come up with a better plan than that, Aeryn!".

Zelbinion - (ep 7) - A PK command carrier - the first ship Rygel was imprisoned on (and tortured by Captain Durka), it had been missing for over 100 cycles when discovered by Moya & her crew.

Zenetan gang murals - (ep 13) - A type of tatoo on Staanz's thigh, done by the Zenetan pirates (I assume as a type of initiation).