Episode Acronyms

EFG = Exodus from Genesis
BABABTTF = Back and Back and Back to the Future
TFAL = Throne for a Loss
PKTG = PK Tech Girl
TGIFA = Thank God It's Friday, Again
TOBM = That Old Black Magic
DNAMS = DNA Mad Scientist
TGAS = They've Got a Secret
TTBRC = Til The Blood Runs Clear
FLAX = The Flax
RIB = Rhapsody In Blue
JC = Jeremiah Crichton
DR = Durka Returns
AHR = A Human Reaction
TTLG = Through The Looking Glass
ABL = A Bug's Life
THM = The Hidden Memory
BTBW = Bone To Be Wild
FT = Family Ties

Season Two

MTB = Mind The Baby
VM = Vitas Mortis
TTS = Taking The Stone
CDM = Crackers Don't Matter
TWWW = The Way We Weren't
PIYW = Picture If You Will
HOTR = Home on the Remains
DALD = Dream A Little Dream
OOTM = Out Of Their Minds
MTC = My Three Crichtons
LATP AKIBAK = Look At The Princess PT 1: A Kiss Is But A Kiss
LATP IDIT = Look At The Princess PT 2: I Do, I Think
LATP TMC = Look At The Princess PT 3: The Maltese Crichton
BOD = Beware Of Dog
WGFA = Won't Get Fooled Again
TL = The Locket
TUT = The Ugly Truth
ACN = A Clockwork Nebari
LGM ANSSP = Liars, Guns And Money  PT 1 - A Not So Simple Plan
LGM WFLT = Liars, Guns And Money  PT 2 - With Friends Like These
LGM PB = Liars, Guns And Money  PT 3 - Plan B
DMD = Die Me Dichotomy