Are there any desktop themes/images/screensavers/fonts out there?(Last updated - 7/02/01)


Wallpapers & images from the SciFi Channel

Screensavers for PC's and Mac's

Images from the show

***UPDATED LINKScreenshots from Animal Logic (CGI Company)

Some images from the Season One CGI Company (Garner MacLennan Design)


***ADDEDTwo desktop themes at Themeworld

Farscape Dot Web's wallpaper page

Brownry's site - home of the Farscape font, but temporarily unavailable

Farscape font for Win, desktop theme, wallpapers

The Mac verson of the Farscape font can now be downloaded from:
NOTE:  You will need the free "StuffIt Expander" utility in order to decode the file after downloading - the file can then be added to your System folder with your other fonts.

The Un-Named Anomaly (Dani Royer's site) has the font as well

Elemental Farscape - about a half dozen themes, and over a dozen wallpapers

Wallpapers at

Zhaan desktop theme. It comes complete with icons, cursors, and sounds

Imajica's Farscape Site - Desktop stuff, screensavers, wallpapers

Forever John & Aeryn site, with themes and wallpapers created by Saimhe

Some nice wallpapers at Farscape 2000 (Accapella's aka Elizabeth's site)


Also, I used to use (before the official version came out) a screensaver called the XaraCube.  It is essentially a cube with various pictures on each face, and I downloaded the Farscape images from the official side for each face of the cube (and since I used the cast photos, I have a face on each face *grin*).

The site to download the XaraCube is:

and the images I used are at:

Note:  I have no affiliation with the XaraCube - I discovered it when looking for free screensavers.  If you have any questions about it, you'll have to contact the people at their website.

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