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- Commander John Robert Crichton, Jr.  (Ben Browder)

He is human, a second generation IASA astronaut with a full doctorate in Cosmic Theory (who also attended J.F.K High School). He & his childhood friend DK (Murray Bartlett) developed a theory about acceleration, hoping to pioneer space travel.  Instead, his experimental ship (Farscape 1) went sling-shooting through a worm hole to an unknown part of the universe.  He arrived in the middle of Moya's struggle to escape from the Peacekeepers, and his unexpected appearance caused a PK ship to lose control, killing the pilot (Captain Crais' brother).  Now the Peacekeepers hunt for him as well as the escaped prisoners. Some added trivia from That Old Black Magic (ep 8) - his mother's maiden name is McDougall, he skipped the fourth grade, lost his virginity to Karen Shaw in the back of a 4X, and dislocated his shoulder when he trashed his motorcycle. Also mentioned in "The Flax" (ep 13) that he was involved in a head-on collision when he was 19 years old.  In "Crackers Don't Matter", Scorpy chip mentions that when John was 12, an older boy named Howie Lewis stole a cracker from him, and months later John poured sugar in Howie's Harley - Scorpy, of course claimed John liked revenge.  And minor note - John said he didn't like Italian food, after Scorpy suggested they first kill D'argo, then they could go to a little Italian joint he knew of (course, John was a little out of his mind at the time *grin*).

***-- Officer Aeryn Sun  (Claudia Black)

She's Sebacean, a grunt in the Pleisar Regiment (part of Peacekeeper corps),and has been trained since birth to be a soldier.  After she was brought on board Moya by the prisoners, Captain Crais (her Commanding Officer) decided she'd been "irreversibly contaminated".  Condemmed to death, she decided to join with the prisoners.  Her Starfighter (called a Prowler, and likely fueled by chakan oil) is aboard Moya, and she carries a PK Pulse Rifle (again, likely fueled by chakan oil). Sebaceans are also extremely sensitive to heat. We find in ABL (ep 18) that Aeryn first flew at 14 cycles (scrub runners). At 14 1/2 she flew KL-80's and 81's before attending Prowler Attack School at age 16 cycles. When Larraq asked her why her training began so late, she said she had to wait until her feet could reach the pedals. She reveals to John in episode 22 that she knows very little about her parents, but that her mother approached her one night in the PK barracks and told her she was not "an accident, or a genetic birthing to fill the ranks - she and a mate she cared about had chosen to yield a life". She knows her mother is/was a soldier, and her father's name is/was Talyn - how much more she knows about them isn't clear.  In S2 ep 7, we find that she was once in love with a man named Velorek - they became intimate the 2nd solar day into their mission (to retrieve a new pilot for Moya), and only ended when she betrayed him to the PKs.  Aeryn (while in the body of Rygel) mentions in S2 ep 9 that Moya has hundreds of quadrants, and she was required to learn them all, so she seems to be the resident expert on Moya (Pilot notwithstanding *grin*).

- Ka D'argo  (Anthony Simcoe)

A member of the Luxan species - a race of fierce warriors (with a keen sense of smell) known for their volatile nature.  30 cycles old, he says he was imprisoned aboard Moya (for 8 cycles) for killing his CO, although in "Back and Back and Back to the Future" (ep 10105) it is hinted that there's more to this story.  He carries a Qualta sword, which can be transformed into an energy rifle (not sure of the specs) when necessary.  He also has some pretty intense body piercings, a tongue that's the envy of Gene Simmons, and an interesting way of keeping family portraits close to his hearts..... He also mentions in DNAMS (ep 9) that he was imprisoned by his leaders, not his people. If wounded, the blood flow must be stimulated until the blood runs clear, not reddish brown. If not, the blood turns toxic and the Luxan will die of blood shock. In episode 14 we discover that he has two hearts.  In Season two (Vitas Mortis) when an Orican calls him "General" we discover his chin tattoos actually denote his military rank.  When the Orican calls him, "fraud" it is revealed that he is not a general, but was impersonating his general to prevent the injured general's torture when captured.  I believe the first "shippy" moment between he & Chiana occured after she broke her leg in S2 ep7 (but I could be wrong).  Their first official kiss was in S2 ep 8.

***- Pa'u Zotoh  Zhaan  (Virginia Hey)

Pa'u (meaning 'Priest') Zotoh Zhaan is a middle-aged (812 cycles) Delvian (a highly spiritual and peace loving race). Zhaan at the beginning of the series had reached the 9th Plateau in the Delvian Seek (their search for perfect understanding and unity with all life).  She apparently received her calling to the priesthood suddenly, while in her PK cell (ep 6), and says it took her over 17 cycles of being tormented by her dark impulses before she was able to overcome them (ep12) (when her eyes turn red, it is a sign of tissue bile, migrating to the brain, a precursor to the Delvian madness). Zhaan's hobbies include spirit painting, meditating, mixing elixars, and absorbing the pain of others (which is why I call her the "beautiful blue goddess *grin*). As she told D'argo, her reason for being imprisoned was because, "Even among my kind, I was something of an anarchist". She also mentions in ep 10 that her body doesn't carry any bacteria. In episode 21, we discover why this is - Delvians are Flora evolved!  They also  have a unique way of protecting themselves - Zhaan seemed to turn invisible when the creature was on the hunt.  In S2 ep 8, we find out what happens when Delvians get really hungry - they sprout.  Zhaan explained that the buds evolved for protection - starving imobilizes Delvians, and when a predator attacked, the buds would poison the attacker.  When the Delvian then ate the meat, the animal proteins would stop the budding cycle.  The buds also exude spores in reaction to intense light.  We also see Zhaan float down behind Aeryn at one point - add this to the list of amazing abilities.  *grin*  Aeryn also mentions that Zhaan is a 10th level Pa'u - I have to backtrack to remember what episode that occured in (I think RIB, but don't quote me on it).  Zhaan usually refers to herself as a priest, but in S2 ep 9, she tells the Halosians that she is a priestess.  Also, in order to escape from being cuffed, she somehow stopped the flow of nutrients to her left hand, causing it to shrivel so she could pull it free.  When Rygel inquires about it later, she tells him she "re-initiated the internal flow of nutrients" but there remained a danger that not all functions would return, so she was healing it slowly.

***- Rygel XVI  (Jonathan Hardy (voice); John Eccleston (lead puppeteer Season 1) Tim Mieville(lead puppeteer Season 2)with a core group including Graeme Haddon (co-ordinator - used to be David Collins), Tim Mieville (the fifth in Season 1), Mario Halouvas, Damian Bradford, Matty McCoy, Emma DeVries, Fiona Gentle)

Rygel was Dominar to over 600 billion loyal Hynerian subjects, until his cousin Bishan had him imprisoned aboard Moya. He has been a prisoner for over 130 cycles, but has not lost his "royal airs".  *grin*  Hynerians are also aquatic, non body breeders, and have an especially sensitive "ear brow". In episode 12, he mentions to Crichton at the beginning that he had many wives (a Hynerian Harem?).  We find out in episode 20 that he has hundreds of progeny ("and those are just the official ones"). We also learn in episode 22 that he has three stomachs.  While in a bar on Litigara (S2, ep 1), he mentions that his 2nd, 15th, and 23rd wives all had blue eyes.  In a somber moment in S2 ep 9, he confesses, "The hope of executing the cousin who betrayed me is the only reason I live".

***- Pilot (Lani Tupu (voice ) and Sean Masterson (lead puppeteer with same core group as above))

Pilot is Moya's control center - all of her systems are maintained by him. He is the navigator, and monitors all of the living ship's functions (ep 6). His upper-torso is biologically bound to Moya, and his tendrils extend through the entire ship, so he can obviously never leave her. His species (name unknown) is not capable of space flight, so they have a long standing arrangement with the Leviathans - it is their only opportunity to see worlds beyond their own. He serves as a link between Moya and the crew on board. He mentions in DNAMS (ep 9) that he puts Moya first, then her passengers. He says in ep TTLG (ep 17) that they are "most fulfilled when serving others. Your (the crew) presence is gratifying and comforting".  In "Vitas Mortis" he mentions that although his species normally live for a thousand cycles, a bonded Pilot dies at the same time as its Leviathan host (who's life span is much shorter).  He considers it more than a fair trade off for the opportunity to see the stars.  In TWWW, Velorek explains that Pilot's species ancient language is too complex for the translator microbes to translate - "one sentence can carry over a hundred different facts, concepts, emotions."  When speaking to other species, they simplfy their sentences so the TM's will work.  We also find out at this time that Pilot has only been bonded to Moya for roughly three cycles (when the PK's acquired him, they were only 22 solar days (round trip) away from Moya). Natural bonding of a pilot to a leviathan normally takes a cycle or two - forcefully grafting a pilot, besides being dangerous and difficult, takes approximately 83 arns (although Crais ordered it in 60 arns), and has a permanent side effect - excruciating pain.  It is in this episode he decides to detach himself from Moya (which, if he stayed removed from her, would have caused him to starve to death), then allowed himself to bond naturally and without pain.  Velorek also refers to Pilot as "young one", and Pilot tells him that "The Elders" had decided he wasn't yet ready to be bonded with a leviathan.  In the RE:Union version of S2, ep1, Pilot also mentions that they searched 24 planets and countless moons and asteroids looking for John, Aeryn, and D'argo (in the DALD version Zhaan tells John they searched for 20 solar days - hit Litigaria on day 15).  Pilot confesses to D'argo in S2 ep 9 that while he has seen the galaxies,and the birth of stars, he has no memories of love, so it is D'argo (with his memories of his wife & child) that has the truly remarkable memories.

***- Moya (the ship)

A species called Leviathan, she is a "bio-mechanoid" (part machine, part organic - she has a biopolymer structure).  She is sentient, though to what degree is still unclear.  She is capable of "Starburst" (going very far, VERY fast *grin*), but has no offensive abilities.  The DRD's (little mechanical "bugs" that run around the ship) apparently assist in her maintainence and upkeep. She also carries a shuttle aboard, although it is just a regular ship - not another bio-mechanoid.  In Vitas Mortis we learn the normal life span of Leviathans is about 300 cycles.  In TWWW, we discover that our Pilot was not her original pilot - the original was female, and had been bonded to Moya for 21 cycles before she was "replaced".  In order to force Moya to accept her new pilot, the PKs used pain pulses from the control collar.   In S2 ep 8, spores from Zhaan's starvation budding adversely affect Moya - they penetrated her neural conduits, hampered navigation (also caused a numbing sensation along her inner hull), and Pilot said that further exposure could result in permanent blindness.  Aeryn/Rygel mentions in S2 ep 9 that Moya has hundreds of quadrants, and she (Aeryn) had to learn them all.

- Captain Bialar Crais (Lani Tupu)

In charge of a Command Carrier in the Peacekeeper Corps, he has vowed to retaliate against Crichton for the (accidental) death of his brother. We learn in episode 20 (Hidden Memory) that he was conscripted by the PK's at a young age (a PK recruiter picked up both he & his brother Bilar); and his parents were common farmers (he was "shanghaid from their farming commune"). In ep 21, we learn that 18 elite PK's died under his command while chasing Moya. In Season 2, ep 2, he tells Scorpius that he resigns his Peacekeeper Commission - but is it just a ruse? Can we trust him? Inquiring minds want to know. *grin*

- Chiana (Gigi Edgley)

Escaped Nebari prisoner (introduced in episode 15 - upgraded from "guest star" in episode 21), she was imprisoned for crimes that are unclear. Her version is that she was would not conform to Nebari society, so she was a prisoner only because she was different - Salis (the Nebari official) claimed she was capable of violence, and was a danger. Only time will tell.....

In Season 2 ep 4 (Taking The Stone) we find out she has/had a brother Nerri, but so far that's all we know about her family (on a totally frivolous note, during a close-up of Chiana's midriff in TTS, it is evident that she has no bellybutton - just a slight indent  *grin*).  In S2 ep 7, we see hints of a relationship brewing with D'argo.  In S2 ep 8, we find that she is capable of mercy killing - she finished off Temmon after he was covered in the acid mucus of the budong (and after he asked her not to let him suffer) - but whether or not she tried to kill B'Soog later on, or just wound him with the acid is a matter of much speculation (B'Soog said to her, "I know you.  You're a thief and a trelk, but you're not a killer").

- Scorpius (Wayne Pygram)

A hybrid Sebacean scientist (introduced in episode 19 - Nerve) - half Sebacean, half Scaren. In episode 21, Crais alludes to the fact that Scorpius' branch of the service gives him "special priviledges, which does not include disrespect of rank", but he doesn't mention what this branch is. It is also mentioned that Scorpius has physical superiority over the PK's. In episode 22 it is hinted that Scorpius can sense when someone is telling the truth (during his interrogation of Rygel).

- Talyn (Moya's son)

Moya's baby. First appeared still "in utero" in episode 10, and was born in episode 20 (but didn't receive his name until ep 22 - Aeryn named him after her father). Pilot explains his appearence thus - "When D'argo broke the contraception wall 1/2 cycle ago, the Peacekeeper catalyst he released must have contained the DNA signature to produce weapons" In episode 21, Aeryn calls him a "complete systhesis of Leviathan and warship technologies". In Season 2, ep 2, he is referred to as a "gunship".

***- Jool

Introduced in Season 3 (Self Inflicted Wounds Part 1: Could'a, Would'a, Should'a - Ep 10303), Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis is an Interion.

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