What's this I hear about The ATF rogues' gallery ? (Last updated - 6/5/01)

Yep, we've got a page with a bunch of our mugs on it (plus email addresses & website URL's - Thinkum is really spoiling us *grin*).  Check us out at -


Now I'm going to paste together some posts Thinkum made about how to join the page -


To submit an addition/deletion/correction for the page, please use the address:

     atf @ snurcher.com

You should receive an automated confirmation in response to mail sent to this address.  IF YOU DO NOT, please shout out in the newsgroup, as it means your email was not received.

The only guidelines are:

1. You have to self-select by submitting your picture and/or URL to the
   atf @ snurcher.com addy (I'm good, but not telepathic!).

2. I reserve the right to not post pictures and/or links that I deem likely
   to put me on the wrong end of a subpoena (for example, pornography,
   depictions of illegal activies, websites promoting hate crimes, etc.).

Other than that, it's open season.  ;-)



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