"A-lu-e-masata" - (ep 14) - Acquarian greeting

Amet - (S2 ep 1) - When the judge said, "We convene in the name of that which is most holy - the supreme law of the land", the assembled Litigarans respond with, "Amet".

"Das_trak Krjtor" - (ep 22) - What Scorpius said when he realized too late what John planned to do.

"Et art eta" - (S2 ep7) - What Velorek says to Moya's original pilot, to which she replies, "Another pilot?".

Elanee a miacosa Khalaan - (S2 ep 6) - This isn't in quotes, because it didn't show up on the CC - this is what it sounded like Zhaan was chanting after Chiana's apparent death.

"Frotar Li Pluro Sincano" - (ep 22) - NOTE - The first line of this phrase was missing from my CC - this is the second part of what Zhaan says to John & D'argo, which seems to translate as, "In the eyes of the Goddess, all are equal, all are worthy".

"Hak nyatse" - (ep 16) - Sebacean phrase meaning "Search him" (Aeryn said to John when his father arrived).

"Kal tanega, chivorko" - (ep 22) - Crais' exclaimation when examining Talyn - Aeryn's reply to him indicates this means "a crowning glory".

Khalaan, Khalaan, ati mene sicosa, Khalaan" - (S2 ep 9) - The CC was not picking this up, so I'm just sounding it out - it's what Zhaan was chanting on the Halosian ship.

"Pa'u Delvia, Kolmot gorr tibnol" - (ep 4) - What Zhaan mutters when Pilot tells her John has a plan.

"Shai"- (ep 14) - Acquarian word meaning "go" or "shoo".

"Tre bawk ru fishalto chenias prami bukeko"- (ep 22) - D'argo growled this to Rygel, and Chiana said it meant, "something about his corpse....and a bodily funtion".