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Most of this info is from the Internet Movie Data Base ( www.us.imdb.com ), The Jim Henson Company (  http://www.henson.com/ ), The SciFi Channel ( http://www.scifi.com/farscape/moyacrew/ ), official chats, official cast webpages, some interviews, and other sources I refuse to name (Hi Kiki! Hi Perri! Thanks for the stuff you let me "borrow"........).

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Ben Browder

Claudia Black***UPDATED

Virginia Hey***UPDATED

Anthony Simcoe***UPDATED

John Eccleston

Jonathan Hardy

Sean Masterson

Lani Tupu***UPDATED

Gigi Edgley***UPDATED

Wayne Pygram

Paul Goddard***ADDED



Born:  Memphis, Tennessee (raised in Charlotte, North Carolina)
Status:  Married, with two children
Graduated from Myers Park High School (Charlotte, North Carolina), class of 1981. Attended Furman University (Greenville, South Carolina) - has a Psychology degree, and played college football.  Began doing regional theater after graduating college, and after a year went to England to the Central School of Speech & Drama.  He spent three years there, and became a classically trained Shakespearean actor.  Ended up in Los Angeles, doing various gigs (see list below) until Farscape.  Spends his spare time with his family, surfing (the ocean, and the web), and is a fan of all things SciFi.  All time fave movies are:  2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien, Blade Runner, Silent Running, and The Wizard of Oz.

His family is also involved in NASCAR racing - his father's company (Mark III Financial) sponsors a Busch car (#78 - driver is Kevin Schwantz, and Ben's brother Neil is the crew chief).

Official Website: No


Boogie Boy (1997) .... Freddie

Nevada (1997)

Kiss Before Dying, A (1991) .... Tommy Roussell

Memphis Belle (1990) .... Rookie Captain

TV Movies:

The Sky's On Fire (1998) .... Racer

Bad to the Bone (1997)

Steel Chariots (1997)

Innocent Victims (1996)

Big Dreams & Broken Hearts: The Dottie West Story (1995) (TV) .... Al Winters

Danielle Steel's 'Secrets' (1992).... Bill Warwick

Daughters of Privilege (aka Keys to the Kingdom) (1991) .... Randy

TV Series:

Farscape (1999).......John Crichton

Party of Five (1994) .... Sam Brody (semi-regular in third (96-97) season)

The Boys of Twilight (1992).... Tyler Clare (regular)

Amazing Grace (aka "A Wing and A Prayer") (1995)...guest starred in one of the 5 episodes made

Murder, She Wrote (1984).......Ollie Rudman in episode, "Murder By Twos" (1994)

Melrose Place (1992)....Adam in episode, "Two Mrs. Mancini's, The" (1994)

Thunder Alley (1994) .....Marcus in a first season episode

Grace Under Fire (1993)......Policeman in episode, "Grace Undergraduate" (1993)


Merchant of Venice (Broadway)

Also other regional theatre productions

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Born:  Sydney, Australia
Spent most of her adult life elsewhere, including New Zealand and Europe.
Fave cereal - Lucky Charms
Birthday - October 11th, 1973 (according to the IMDB)
Official Website: No

A professionally trained singer (jazz and classical), she has many theatre credits to her name, including being selected a finalist in the 1990 Globe Shakespeare competition.

Not a huge SciFi fan, but the Star Wars movies were a big family event, and Blade Runner had a big effect on her as a kid.  She reads the BB at the SciFi channel, and she loves to travel & meet people.


Pitch Black (2000) - Shazza

The Goodfruit (1994) (Australian)

TV Series:

Farscape (1999)..........Aeryn Sun

Xena: Warrior Princess (1995)..... Unnamed Amazon in "Life Blood" (3/13/2000)

City Life (1996) (New Zealand) .... Angela Kostapas (regular)

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995)...... Cassandra in episodes "Atlantis" (1997), and

                   "Hercules on Trial" (1998)

Good Guys, Bad Guys (1997) (Australian)....Jill Mayhew in episode "Naughty Bits" (Series 2, ep 5)

Water Rats (1996) (Australian).......Beth WIlliams in episode "All at Sea" (episode #47, 1997)

Police Rescue (1990) (Australian) in episode "Double Illusion" (episode #38, 1993)

G.P. (1988) (Australian)

A Country Practice (1981) (Australian)......Claire Bonacci (1993  Original Series "Cyclone Claire" (#1055-1056)
                        & "Burning Bright" (#1057-1058); 1994 Second Series appeared in approximately 30 eps )

Seven Deadly Sins (1993) (Australian) 7-part mini-series


Seeing Ear Theatre (2000), audio drama (http://www.scifi.com/set/playhouse/)......Carol in "Black Canoes"

Merchant of Venice (European Tour)......Portia

Little Women.......Jo

Portrait of Dorian Gray

Loose Ends

Spotlights on Women

Pick Ups (Belvoir Street Theatre)

The World Knot (Bicentennial Opera)

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Born: Coogee, Sydney, NSW Australia.
Fave foods: Italian, Japanese, Health foods
First official acting job: Mad Max 2 (aka The Road Warrior)
Acting experience prior to Mad Max: Over 56 comercials
Favorite SciFi: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Trek, The Prisoner
Official Website: http://www.virginia-hey.com


The Wish (1995) (Australian)

Signal One (aka Bullet Down Under) (1994) .... Toni

Pathos - segreta inquietudine (aka Obsession: A Taste for Fear) (1988) .... Diane

Castaway (1987) .... Janice

The Living Daylights (1987) .... Rubavitch

The Return of Captain Invincible (1983)

Norman Loves Rose (1982) .... The Girlfriend

Mad Max 2 (aka The Road Warrior) (1981) .... Warrior Woman

TV Movies:

Crazy Like a Fox (USA Network)

TV Series:

Farscape (1999).........Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan

Roar (1997)

Flipper (1995)

Pacific Drive (1995) (Australian)

Dolphin Cove (1989).... Alison Mitchell

E Street (1989) (Westside Productions)

Home and Away (1988) (Australian).....Gillian

Mission Impossible (1988)

Vietnam (1987) (mini series) (Australian)

Mussolini: The Untold Story (1985) (mini series) .... Young Woman

Neighbours (1985) (Australian soap) ..... Beth Travers

Timeslip (1985).....Jenny

Big Deal (1984) (BBC)

Flesh & Blood (1980) (UK TV)

Prisoner: Cell Block H (aka Caged Women) (1979) .... Leigh Templar


Nolan (Sydney & Adelaide Arts Festival) (1983) .... The Wife (lead role)

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Graduated from The National Institute of Dramatic Arts in London, with an MFA in Drama (specializing in actor training). He also has degrees from universities and acting schools in Australia, the US, and Europe, and has lectured for the NIDA.

Birthday - June 7th, 1969
Official Website: http://www.anthonysimcoe.com/


The Castle (1997) .... Steve Kerrigan

Mr. Reliable (aka My Entire Life) (1996) .... Skinny Cop

TV Movies:

Chameleon (Australian)

TV Series:

Farscape (1999)..........Ka D'argo

Home and Away (1988) (Australian)

A Country Practice (1981) (Australian).....Peter Page (ep # 987 "Stolen Moments")

Water Rats (1996) (Australian) in episode "Watery Grave" (ep #73, 1998)

English At Work (19??) (Australian)


Seeing Ear Theatre (2000), audio drama (http://www.scifi.com/set/playhouse/)......Edward in "Black Canoes"

Space Craving (Sydney Street Theatre) - wrote and performed

World Games (Footloose Theatre Company)

Three Winters Green (Stable Theatre)

Peter Pan (Q.T.C.)

Complaints (Grifen Theatre)

Double Deception (Murray River Performing Group at the Hothouse Theatre)

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2 Muppet Movies (not sure which ones yet)

TV Series:

Farscape (1999) TV series (main puppeteer).... Dominar Rygel XVI

Live and Kicking - BBC Children's program .......creator & writer

Jim Henson's Storyteller

Brilli (Yorkshire TV) - Presenter

The Animal Show

Wolf It

What's Up Doc (STV).....performer & co-writer

Get Fresh (1988)

Gilbert the Alien (1987)........Gilbert (puppeteer)

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Mr. Reliable (aka My Entire Life) (1996) .... Rev. McIntyre

Down Rusty Down (1996) .... Otis

Tunnel Vision (1995) .... Henry Adams

Bloodmoon (1989) .... Mayor

Delinquents, The (1989) .... Magistrate

Mesmerized (aka Shocked) (1986) .... Burley

Wills & Burke (1985) .... John Macadam

Death Warmed Up (1985) .... Ranji Gandhi

Constance (1984)

Lonely Hearts (1982) .... Bruce

The Scarecrow (1982) .... Charlie Dabney

Mad Max (1979) .... Labatouche

The Mango Tree (1977) .... Joe Speight

The Devil's Playground (1976) .... Brother Arnold

The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (1972) .... Grove Courtensay

TV Series:

Farscape (1999)......voice of Rygel XVI

The Thorn Birds: The Missing Years (1996) .... Father Emilio

Family and Friends (1990)

More Winners: His Master's Ghost (1990) .... Mr. Bretherton

Writer filmography:

Backstage (1988).....also directed

Constance (1984)

Breaker Morant (1980)


Return to Snowy River (aka The Man from Snowy River II) (1988)...associate to the director

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Babe: A Pig in the City (1998) ..... Ferdinand the Duck (part of the puppeteering team)

TV Series:

Farscape (1999) TV series (main puppeteer).... Pilot

Lift Off (1992) (Australian)

Feral TV (?) (Australian)

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Award winning actor and director, he attended Rongotal College in Wellington, New Zealand;  Wellington Teachers Training College, and received his actor's training at the New Zealand Drama School.  His awards include Best Dramatic Performance (New Zealand Film Television Awards, 1993), Best Actor Award for Talk of the Town (Dreamaker Festival - Ontario, Canada), and Finalist - Male Performance Supporting Role (film) for Send A Gorilla (Listener Film Television Awards - 1986).  His nominations include Best New Talent (Feltex Television awards - 1984), and Best Actor (1985).

He teaches "Acting For Camera" in Australia and New Zealand, and "Screen Acting", weekly at the Actors Centre in Sydney, Australia (where he currently resides - the city, not the Centre....).

Official Website: No


Talk of the Town (short film)(received best actor award).....directed & starred.

The Punisher (1998) ......Laccone (although billed as "Larney Tupu")

Send a Gorilla (1988)

Sons for the Return Home (1979) .... Sione's Father

Ole - (19??) - assistant director

TV Movies:

Tanker Incident (1997)

Heart of Fire (1997)

Tv Series:

Farscape (1999)........Captain Bialar Crais and the voice of Pilot

Time Trax (1999)

Flipper 2 (1995)

High Tide (1994)......Simon in episode "Let Us Prey" (1994)

The Feds (1993)

Mission Impossible (1988)


The Main Course - directed


Walkers & Talkers Theatre Group - founding member

Going Home - directed

The Tempest (Bell Shakespeare Company) - Australian Tour

Over 40 other productions

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Daughter of producer Michael Edgley. She had theatre training in various workshops at the National

Institute of Dramatic Art., and received a B.A. in Drama from Queensland University of Technology

Academy of the Arts in 1998.

Birthdate - November 15
Official Website: http://websites.golden-orb.com/stacey/

TV Series:

Farscape (1999) .... Chiana

Day of the Roses (1998) (mini series) (Australia) ....  Erica Watson

Water Rats (1996) (Australian)............Penny Lane


 Kill Everything You Love (a Brisbane Festival production directed by David Brown)........Emma

Princess And The Pea (the Brisbane Arts Theatre)

Picnic At Hanging Rock (the Twelfth Night Theatre)

Les Miserables (the Gold Coast Arts Theatre)


The Rover

Boy's Life

The Land Of The Real Girls

Romeo And Juliet

The Caged Birds

Blue People


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Official Website: No


Doing Time for Patsy Cline (1997) .... Geoff Spinks

Custodian, The (1993) .... Detective Massey

Hammers Over the Anvil (1991) .... Burns

Return to the Blue Lagoon (1991) .... Kearney

Farewell to the King (1989) .... Bren Armstrong

Warming Up (1985) .... Wombat

Tv Series:

Farscape (1999).....Scorpius

Day of the Roses (1998) (mini series) (Australia) ....  Joe Beecroft

Fire (1994) .... Senior Station Officer Quentin 'Spit' Jacobsen

Time Trax (1993).....Morgan, in episode "Cool Hand Darien" (1994)

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Paul Goddard

Favorite color: red
Favorite foods: Thai food, chocolate ice cream, Apricot and Nuts porridge.
SciFi Faves: The Avengers,Lost in Space, Bond movies, and loves the Borg (from Star Trek)
Favorite music:Prokofiev (http://www.prokofiev.org/) (Note: I'm not sure exactly what Paul meant when he said he loved Prokofiev, because the next person in that chat to ask a question had the handle "Prokofiev" - I'm wondering if he said it more as an inside joke ... hmmmmm ..... )
Official Website: Work in progress

Holy Smoke (1999) .... Tim
Matrix, The (1999) .... Agent Brown
Billy's Holiday (1995) .... Gary 'Stylist'
Babe (aka Babe, the Gallant Pig)(1995) .... Son-in-Law
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (aka Power Rangers: The Movie)(1995) .. Construction Worker #2
Dead to the World (1991) .... Bobby
The Everlasting Secret Family (1988) .... Son
Bullseye (1987) .... Harry Walford
Barnum! (1986/II) (TV)

Tv Series:
Farscape (1999).....Stark
Water Rats (1996) (Australian) ...Rob in eps:"Chinese Checkers" (ep# 5.124) 4/11/00 and "The Trouble With Gary" (ep #5.125) 4/18/00
Coronation Street (1960) (Australian) .... Stephen (1995-1996)
Sons and Daughters (1981) (Australian) .... Simon Armstrong (1984-1985)


Over 20 productions with the Sydney Theatre Company
Upcoming - School for Scandal (a Sydney Theatre Company production directed by Judy Davis) - Previews July 7, 2001; Opens July 12 to August 25, 2001.  For more info, check out -

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