SPOILER Questions about big events in S2 and S3
Proceed with caution!

The following questions deal with big events in the Farscape Universe, hence are considered "spoiler-ish", and placed on this page to help prevent the accidental reading/spoiling of by newbies.  These are spoilers for episodes that have already aired.  For spoiler information on upcoming episodes, surf the webring - there's a bunch of sites out there devoted to such.

On with the questions -

~ SPOILER about  S2 finale/S3 status - Is Aeryn really dead?
~ SPOILER about  Season 3 ep 4 (SIW part 2 - Wait For The Wheel) - Is Zhaan really dead?
~ SPOILER about  Season 3 ep 6 (Eat Me) - Which Twin has the Tony?