SPOILER from Season 3 ep 4 (SIW part 2 - Wait For The Wheel) - Is Zhaan really dead?(Last updated - 7/9/01)

If you've see the episode in question, you may be wondering (in this Scaperverse of death-reversing gadgets and all-powerful beings) if Zhaan is really dead / gone for good.  All I know is that nothing is ever written in stone in the land of TV make-believe. *grin*  However, she apparently will not be making any appearances on the show anytime soon -

On April 24, 2001 a very nice Scaper by the handle of aughra posted a report about the Denver StarFest 2 on the SciFi BB.  You can read Virginia Hey's remarks on the death of Zhaan (as paraphrased by aughra, based on the notes she took) at -


Here's an excerpt -


Q: What are your plans for the future?
A: This is a good time to address some sensitive matters. First of all, my leaving the show was ďmy decision.Ē I had originally talked to the producers about lessening my workload in Season 2 (which many of you noticed!) so I didnít have to spend so much time in makeup, and would have more time to recover from the latex and plastics and chemicals between shootings. Then I decided I needed my hair and eyebrows backóI wanted to be a girl again, and be able to do this [flipping hair over her shoulder]. This added even more time in the makeup chair and less chance to rest and to allow my body to recover. As requested, the door is not closed on my reappearing as Zhaan, though how that will come about is up to the writers and producers. [Sorlk-Lewis reminds us: blame the writers!]

As for my plans, Iím moving to L.A. this month and will try to do more acting. Australiaís acting potential is much more limited than in the U.S., so itís best to move and give it a try here. Iím also continuing my classes in natural and homeopathic healing.


And a blurb from SciFi Wire -



Hey Sprouts In New SF Pilot

Virginia Hey, who played Zhaan on The SCI FI Channel original series Farscape, has been cast in the pilot for the proposed SF series Area 23, currently under development by Mindshow Entertainment. Hey plays a character named Nina Draconni, a "perceptor" and member of a top-secret government team of people with psychic powers.

Mindshow is currently seeking investors for the pilot movie of Area 23.


And she has relocated to LA


Sun Herald 28 Jan 2001

The Diary
Hey LA, says a love-struck star AUSTRALIAN actress Virginia Hey is preparing to leave Australia to settle in Los Angeles with her new love, a man she discovered under prosthetic make-up on the set of her hit TV show Farscape. Hey has been enjoying unprecedented attention since the sci-fi seri ...


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And don't forget to "Download a desktop wallpaper in her memory" from the official site -


All in all, Zhaan's return is not looking very good at the moment.  :(