Updated: January 10th,  2003
Created: June 1st, 1999


If you are new to Farscape, there may be spoilers here - I have a warning for the brain nudgers, but there may be little tidbits throughout. Proceed with caution, and welcome to Farscape fandom!

The Top Q's

~ SPOILER Questions about big events in S2 and S3 - proceed with caution!
~ What's does DRD stand for/ how long is a cycle, etc.? (The Farscape Lexicon)
~ Exactly how do the translator microbes work?
~ What happened to Zhaan's super speed?
~ What was Aeryn saying to John's father in AHR?
~ I just saw They've Got a Secret, Family Ties, or LATP - don't people explode when they are spaced?
~ I just saw The Hidden Memory, followed by Bone To Be Wild - where did Stark go"?

The People

~ What can you tell me about the actors?
~ What can you tell me about the characters?
~ What about the guest stars?
~ Are there any pictures of cast members available on the web?
~ Where can I write to people involved with the show?
~ What can you tell me about -
Rockne S. O'Bannon? Brian Henson? Justin Monjo? Sue Milliken?
Richard Manning 
(aka FrooniumRicky)?
David Kemper? Andrew Prowse? Rowan Woods?

The Show

~ Where can I find [official sites, fan sites, chat transcripts, cast BB posts, sounds & pictures,
  episode transcripts, online articles, foreign sites, etc.)?
~ How did the show get its start / Where is Farscape filmed??
~ Where did Farscape go (aka where and when is the show available)?
~ What's up with reruns -  why don't they air episodes more often?
~ What episodes have been shown & what were they about? WARNING - POSSIBLE SPOILERS
~ What can you tell me about the special effects / music?
~ Where can I find the theme music and the words?
~ Are the Nielsen ratings for Farscape listed anywhere?
~ Are there any on-line reviews of each episode?
~ Is there any place that I can download episodes?
~ How come European Scapers get more footage than the US?

The Newsgroup

~ Enough about the show - what is it up with the newsgroup?  Are you people all nuts?
~ What's this I hear about The ATF rogues' gallery ?
~ What is a spoiler, and why are people yelling at me?

The Fans

~ Where can I chat with other fans?
~ How 'bout fan fiction, mailing lists, or role playing games (RPG's)?
~ What's this I hear about a viewer wall?

The Stuff

~ Any magazine articles out?
~ Are there any desktop themes/images/screensavers/fonts out there?
~ What about Farscape merchandise (DVD's, action figures, etc.)?

The Misc

~ I have a great script for a Farscape episode - where can I send it?
~ Where have I seen living ships before?
~ What is this Farscape Primer stuff that SciFi is doing for Season 3?
~ The Farscape Personality test - coming soon.